There are still black sheep when it comes to mull separation in the habberge district

there are still black sheep when it comes to mull separation in the habberge district

Around 1100 tons of biowaste from the habfurt municipal area are processed annually at the habberge gmbh compost and soil plant in mariaburghausen. Among other things, this is what mayor gunther werner and the city councilors learned during a tour at the invitation of the company management.

The two managers, manfred eichhorn and klaus merkel, showed the committee the path of organic waste within the plant. The material is stored in special rotting boxes with ventilation and must then be allowed to ripen. "This process takes about seven weeks and does not depend on the eave temperature", eichhorn explained. After removing foreign matter with a coarse screening machine and by hand, the finished compost, which is particularly appreciated by farmers, will be offered for sale. Popular with private customers, he says, is humus compost, which is mixed with sandy material and is also available in small quantities. "Composting is the most coherent circular recycling there is", the two managing directors agree. The sampling and analysis of the finished product is carried out eight times a year by an independent institute, so that high-quality compost is always guaranteed, said merkel.

"The majority of the population separates its mull very conscientiously", eichhorn praised the burgers, but also pointed out that about five percent of the biomull was contaminated with foreign substances. From plastic to coarse stones to entire bags of residual gauze were found upon delivery to the plant. This extra effort in sorting could be avoided by more conscientious separation.

Organic muslin bags not so great

Even the popular bio-mull bags, which are offered in the trade, are not welcomed by the recycling company. These are made from corn starch, but the regular organics degrade faster than the bio bags.

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