The kasendorf village renewal has been stopped

the kasendorf village renewal has been stopped

If a municipality is too financially strong, it can be a boomerang for a municipality. This is the painful experience that the people of kasendorf have now had. Because the income from business taxes is so high, the market does not receive any more demands for the renewal of the village. In the zultenberg district, this is now – unfinished – on ice; in welschenkahl, it was stopped even before the proper starting shot was fired.

"That's not possible", says otto arnold from zultenberg, who accompanied the demolition of the schoberlein house in the upper part of the village with his camera in 2011. A village square with a bus stop as well as a playground, parking lot and turning area was to be built on the site, for which the office for rural development had issued a request for funds. The office planned and planned, reduced the demand commitment, then withdrew it.

Made advance payments

Without a subsidy, the market wants to build the square, which is expected to be over 90 percent.000 euros in costs, not to be borne by the club. The community went ahead in the process. It has purchased the site on which the village square was to be built and had the schoberlein house there demolished. "Acquisition and demolition alone have cost us over 30.000 euro cost", says burgermeister bernd steinhauser (CSU/offene liste), who reports that the market had been promised a 35-percent contribution during the construction of the village square. "We had asked for a cost-effective solution. But the costs have increased to over 90.000 euros added up.", says steinhauser. The market will probably not be able to handle the project completely with its own resources. "I don't think there is a majority in the municipal council for this."

Otto arnold cannot understand that the village square will not be built in the next few years. The village renewal in the lower village as well as the construction of the parking lot at the gorauer anger had made him hopeful. But now, like all zultenbergers, he will have to accept that the schober lein area will remain an empty flat for a long time to come.

Exchanged is also possible in welschenkahl. Village renewal has been pushed forward there since the bypass was built. Training courses have been held, working groups of citizens have been formed. A village house was planned, and the old village thoroughfare, which had suffered for many years from heavy traffic, was to be rebuilt.

The rough promise

In 2007, the then president of the office for rural development in bamberg, heribert haas, explained at the local meeting that the village renewal could realistically begin in 2010 and be completed in 2013.

In 2012, however, the starting signal for a mabnahme has not even been given, for which a 65-percent demand had once been promised. The village hall and the road bridge are a long way off, much to the chagrin of many burghers. "The unraveling is rough, that the projects are now on ice", says for example the welschenkahler horst dupke.

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