The ducal (reading) pleasure in the far east

The ducal (reading) pleasure in the Far East

The coburg closely connected chinawissenschaftlerin and private lecturer dorothee schaab-hanke stop on thursday, 7. June, at 6 p.M. In the coburg state library, a lecture with the title "of the nobility’s pleasure in reading about distant worlds: a look at early books with a china connection from the collections of the coburg dukes".
Before the 16. In the nineteenth century, the far east was a largely unknown world for europeans. That changed in the 17. In the 16th century, through the increasing overseas trade in the eastern seas, through the first tribute legations and especially through the catholic mission in the far east. Jesuit missionaries provided the first information about the country and people, culture and religion of the chinese, and many nobles in europe, inspired among other things by king ludwig XIV in france, began to become enthusiastic about palace and garden buildings in the chinese style, including the members of the ernestine line of the wettins, to whom the coburg dukes belong. The ernestines in coburg, gotha, meiningen, weimar and all their other residences collected, among other things, asian porcelain, built up exotic art chambers and created collections of books with exquisitely produced maps, regional studies on china and its neighboring countries and numerous travelogues on this region.
In the current and until 25. August permanent foyer exhibition "ways to cathay a small but fine selection of these china gems collected by ernestine can be admired between the covers of books in the state library. Some of them can even be assigned to specific persons through bookplates and handwritten notes, such as the abbess elisabeth ernestine antonie von sachsen-meiningen (1681-1766) from gandersheim. This lecture deals with these people and the books they collected, their preferences and perhaps also their longings for distant countries.
All interested people are invited with free admission. The lecture lasts about 60 minutes. Before and after the lecture there will be the opportunity to visit the exhibition, says the director of the landesbibliothek, silvia pfister.

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