Obscene Ideas

It had been a long time since I’d had sex with Eric, a month to be precise. Work had been keeping him busy, and most times, he was too tired to make love to me. He worked at a car shop and also at a warehouse, and by the time he came home, it would be dinnertime. He’d retire to bed soon after, complaining of aches and exhaustion. Honestly, it made me feel lonely.
It was a lazy Saturday, and we both were lounging on the couch, watching something on _Animal _Planet. My eyes wandered over to my husband, his muscular arms folded across his chest, his beautiful lips pursed into a smile, his legs tucked underneath him. I wanted to feel his rough hands on my body, his teeth as he bit into my flesh, his tongue as it glided up and down my wet folds. I squeezed my legs together, feeling the wetness start to form.
Sighing, I walked into our bedroom. After those dirty thoughts, I needed a cold shower to cool me down and get my mind off of Eric. I stripped off my blue satin gown, and ran my fingers across my pubic bone. Thank God for no panties, I thought as I stepped into our spacious bathroom.
Allowing the cool water to wash over my heated body, I sighed once more. I wished that Eric was enjoying this shower with me, and as I closed my eyes, the thought of his hands holding me open while he devoured me made my clit throb. I couldn’t take it! I pulled and tugged at my nipples, thinking of Eric’s teeth as he bit each one. I slowly moved my hand down past my stomach, and as my index finger found my clit, I leaned back against the wall as I rubbed it slowly. I imagined Eric licking my pussy, his head buried between my thighs, his hungry eyes never leaving mine. I could feel his teeth graze my clit, and I moaned as I slid my finger into my wetness.
“Oh, Eric. Fuck me.” I moaned as I fucked myself. God, how I wished I could feel his thick, hard, cock filling me up? How I wished he could see me right now?
“Tiffany, baby.” His voice was husky and low, and I plunged my fingers deeper. Was he in the shower with me? I didn’t want to open my eyes. “You are so sexy. I just want to taste you.”

His lips traveled across my neck, and I shivered. I kept fucking myself with two fingers, feeling my wetness seeping down my legs. Fuck! If he was really here, that meant one thing.
“I’m right here, baby,” his low voice rumbled against my ear, and I opened my eyes. There he was, his naked body wet from the water, his penis erect. Whoa!!

His arms surrounded me, and I fell into his embrace. Our tongues hungrily explored each others’ mouths, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him! Desire and hunger shone in his hazel eyes, and I wanted him to devour me, to gobble me up and drink all of me like I was his last meal.
“Do you hear that?” He whispered into my ear, and I lifted my head. A familiar song was playing from somewhere close by, and I smiled. It was the song that we first made love to.
“Oh, Eric.”
“I’m sorry that I’ve been so tired. Work has been keeping me preoccupied, and usually, I’m just exhausted. You’ve been so patient with me, sweetie. Tonight, it’s all about you though. Turn around, hold onto the grab bar, and spread your legs.”

Oh fuck! This was really happening! I did as instructed, and I moaned loudly as his fingers wasted no time sliding into my wetness. Oh God! Fuck! In and out, in and out, and I could hear my juices. Then, his fingers were gone. I squeezed the grab bar, biting my lip hard.
“Oh God!” I moaned as he sucked on my swollen pussy lips.

His rough hands grabbed my hips tightly as he devoured me. I closed my eyes as he dove in, drinking all of my juices. I felt my clit being squeezed and rubbed, and I couldn’t hide the moans that escaped me. Harder, faster! His nails dug into my skin, and I could feel my walls tightening. Nothing else mattered but this feeling, and as he sucked on my clit, I heard the chorus of our song:
“So baby, let’s go insane, insane.
Yeah, you make me lose my brain, my brain.”
“Fill me up with your juices, baby girl. Cum for me!”

I screamed as his vulgar words pushed me over the edge. His tongue lapped at my dripping pussy, and another orgasm had my knees buckling. Eric’s strong hands held me in place as I rode out another wave of pleasure, and my head was yanked backwards as he kissed and bit my lips. His animalistic growl told me that he was far from done with me, so I turned off the water.
“Stay in that position. I’m about to fuck you like there’s no tomorrow!”

So, what did y’all think? This prompt was based off of Avril Lavigne’s “Love Me Insane”. I’ve become obsessed with her music, and her songs were the soundtrack for Blind and Broken, my latest book.
I’m sorry that I haven’t updated in a while, but a lot has been going on, and I hadn’t had the motivation to write. Here’s to hoping I can continue with the rest of these prompts! Love you all ❤