Bonus Snippet

I told y’all it was coming! Blind and Free is my favorite book in The Red Lair series, and I HAD to write this scene between Joseph and Jakita. They are dealing with some pretty serious stuff here, and it broke my heart having to write this. Well, here it goes:

We were sitting in Jakita’s living room. The house was dark and quiet, and I kept my eyes down as I waited for her to speak. Our return from The Red Lair had only been a few minutes prior.
“Joseph,” she started, and my heart hammered in my chest. She used my real name, which meant something was coming. “While I appreciate you telling me about Tyberius tonight, I have to punish you. Refusing to play was disrespectful to me, and as your Mistress, I have a reputation to uphold. I want you kneeling and waiting in the playroom in five minutes. Don’t make me…”
“No!” I snapped, throwing my hands up. “Mistress, please. I have been through enough, okay? You have treated me like shit for a month now, and I’m sick of it. I can’t take this!”
“Excuse me? The more you open your mouth, the more I want to beat you into submission!” I looked into her eyes, and saw the dark pupils. Her arms were folded across her chest, and she was looking straight ahead.
“This is not right!” I jumped up, walking towards the front door. “As my Mistress, you are supposed to help me grow. When I disobey, you are supposed to punish me, and I am to accept it and learn from it. I have not felt like your sub, Jakita. You are taking your anger about your newfound blindness out on me, and it’s not safe or healthy for our dynamic.”

Tears flowed down my cheeks, and I turned, my hand on the doorknob. Looking back, I saw her entire body tense. What was about to happen?
“Sub, I’m not going to tell you again. Upstairs, now!”
“I will not allow you to hurt me anymore,” I said, opening the front door. “I have respected you, taken orders, been at your side through everything, but I’ve also taken your abuse for too long. You know my background, Mistress. This isn’t healthy for me.”

Silence surrounded the open living room. I could feel the tension between us, but no one spoke. Pulling open the front door, I waited for her to react.
“I’ll miss you, but I knew that this was coming.” I spoke quietly. “You need to heal properly, and I can’t be your punching bag while you do. I’m sorry, Mistress. I love you, but this is no longer safe for me.”

Tears blinded me as I stepped outside. Sliding in the slick ice and snow, my feet carried me to my car, pushing me forward. Once inside, I collapsed onto the seat, my chest constricting with pain. She hadn’t called after me, but her power was no longer hers. The blindness controlled her, and as I started the car, I realized that our dynamic was nothing more than abuse. She tried to step back into the role of Mistress, but she was consumed with fear, anger, and sadness for her new situation. She had lost sight of what it was like to be in control of a person’s well-being and desires, and I leaned my head on my arm as thoughts of the abuse filled my head.


He had walked away from me after I gave him a command! I leaned back against the couch, letting out a breath. His words hadn’t sunk in yet, probably because I was still angry with his disobedience. How could he walk out like that?
I couldn’t even apologize for what had happened over this past month. All I knew was that I couldn’t return to The Red Lair, not anytime soon. I had beaten Joseph twice in my place of business, and my friends were starting to worry. Safe words had gone out the window since our first public scene, and while caning him, all I could feel was Robert’s hands around my neck, Joseph’s hand as he brushed my hair away from my face, and the white cane that kept eyes on me. I could no longer look into the eyes of my submissives as they begged, pleaded, and cried. I could no longer see their skin turning red, tears falling freely from their eyes, or their lips tremble. Who said that I could continue to live the life of a Mistress? They say that dominance is not about what you wear or how you act, but about who you are on the inside. I was a mess, both inside and out, and I hadn’t seen any of my other submissives. My blindness and my dynamic with Joseph hadn’t left me with much time to play, but I was sure that I wouldn’t be playing anytime soon. Pain is all I knew, and Joseph was right. I was a danger to myself and others, and as that realization set in, I closed my blind eyes, allowing the pain to consume me.

Update on Life and Books

Welcome back readers!
This past year has been filled with trying times for everyone, and it seems as if we’re almost on the other side, Lord willing! This past year for me brought about many changes, some bad, but I am grateful for the good things that came out of 2020. First, I mentioned in my last blog post that I graduated May 29th of last year, but a few days ago, I found out that we will be having a ceremony to celebrate our graduation! 🙂 I’m so excited that the graduates will be celebrated.
I also moved into my own apartment, which has been something that I’ve dreamed about for a while now. Columbus, Ohio is my home and has been since high school, and I’m grateful that I get to live here. Things have started improving since moving, and I can only thank God, because He is the one blessing me.
Now, let’s talk about books!

The Red Lair Series

My last post was about Blind and Bound, and I prefaced Blind and Free. This story is emotional, intense, empowering, and heartbreaking at times, and I feel like it shows my storytelling better than in the last two books. Jakita is the Head Mistress of The Red Lair, a dominatrix by profession, and is used to getting what she wants. Joseph’s home life leaves him feeling lost, bruised, and battered. After a horrific accident robs Jakita of her sight, Joseph steps in to make things easier, but will she allow him to help her?? Will helping this mistress give him the courage and freedom he needs to escape his abusive and alcoholic father?
This book was a rollercoaster emotionally, and I had to take mental health days off from writing. I admire Jakita’s strength in this book, and Joseph’s as well. They both overcame tough situations, and they had each other. This book is my favorite out of The Red Lair series, because of the fact that there is a dominant woman in the story.
Blind and Free
I had planned to take some time off from writing to promote my other books, but a friend urged me forward, wanting another story in the series. Two weeks later, Blind and Broken was finished, and I’m excited to share this emotional story with you all. There are twists and turns in this book as well, but I’m sure you will love it!

Sweet and Frosty

This book was published in December of 2020, and it was a fun collection to write! I wanted something that readers could read while cuddling with their partners, or sitting alone on a couch drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies, or watching the snow fall on a cold winter’s day. The title, Sweet and Frosty: Tales of The Cold, Wise, and Loving, came from the three winter holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I also did a word play on “cold” for dominants, and the three things that I associated with them in that moment: their sometimes cold demeanor, their wisdom, and how loving they can be.
This is a collection of six stories with the holidays present in each story. LGBTQIA+ themes are present within this book, and I am so proud of myself for branching out. Normally, I’d just stick to gay stories, but I decided to try my hand at lesbian erotica, and surprisingly, it turned out well! I support gay rights wholeheartedly, and that’s why each LGBTQ-themed story is in pairs of two. I hope you’ll enjoy this quick but fun read! 😛
Sweet and Frosty

Final Thoughts

Thanks for taking the time to read! My next blog post will be a bonus snippet. It’s based off of a scene from Blind and broken, and shhhh, don’t tell them that I told you, but Jakita and Joseph are having problems.
Love you all!

Book 2 of The Red Lair Is Here!

Welcome back!

May 29th was a day full of joy, not only because I had officially graduated with my Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology, but because my third book, Blind and Bound, was published. I had fun writing the next part of The Red Lair series. Not only have I grown to love my characters, but I feel like I’ve gotten comfortable with writing about blindness. I love seeing the development of my characters as they deal with their problems. ❤

About The Book

This story follows Jenny and Cyrus through their relationships, their experiences with BDSM, and their trials. Jenny is a 21-year-old girl who is in a relationship where her partner doesn’t support the lifestyle. Cyrus is a 29-year-old workaholic whose family has disowned him because of his interests. After Cyrus promises Jenny one night of exploration, will they be able to let go to please their loved ones? Or will their desire for one another be what binds them in the end?

My Thoughts

I knew that I wanted this book to be different than Blindly In Love. I wanted the characters to be different, and that’s why I made their conflicts more complex. This book also features two blind characters. I wanted to see if I could pull it off: writing from two different perspectives, two different worlds, with both being blind. Not going to spoil it, but I will say that Cyrus’s family is a prime example of how the sighted world should be more aware. As I mentioned in my last post, there is stigma surrounding the disabled and sex, and my goal with writing these books is that people will see that disability has no effect on a person living their life.

I hope y’all enjoyed this read, and I’m hoping everyone is staying safe and healthy.


A New Perspective

Hey all!

It’s been a while, I know! However, I didn’t come here to update you on my life. I’m here because my second book is PUBLISHED! I’m so proud of this book and what it represents. Themes of the book include blindness, romance, and a bit of BDSM.

About The Book

Dante Woods is a 22-year-old dominant who is blind. He is criticized by his family because of this and his weight, so he plays women due to his lack of self-esteem. Cassidi is a 22-year-old submissive who has had bad luck with relationships. She thinks that sex is the way to love. When they meet at The Red Lair, which is the hottest BDSM club in Columbus, Ohio, will they fall in love or will their problems be too much for each other? I won’t reveal anything else, but if this summary has hooked you, I’d suggest grabbing a copy.

Why Blindness?

As mentioned before in a previous post, I am blind. No, this book wasn’t written about me, but I wanted to shine some light on disabilities and sex. There is a stigma about disabled people and their abilities. As you will see with Dante in Blindly In Love, his family doesn’t understand his blindness and they don’t try to. Blindness, along with other disabilities, isn’t something to be afraid of. We are people just like you, our eyes just don’t work. I’m hoping that this book will open people’s eyes to what it’s like being blind, and allow questions to come to light. Yes, I am asking you all to ask questions about blindness, what it’s like, etc. No question is too stupid or dumb, and I am not ashamed of my disability.
Okay, the moment y’all have been waiting for! Enjoy the book, and please, question me! I’d love to educate those who are curious!