Rough 70th birthday celebration. Kindergarten anniversary

The 70th anniversary of the catholic kindertagesstatte st. Bernhard in ebrach began with a festive service in the parish church of maria himmelfahrt, celebrated by dean albert muller and musically accompanied by the kindergarten children and the church band "cyriakus" from staffelbach.
At the beginning of the service, the children buried all the service-goers in different languages. In the meantime, children from different nations attend the kita st. Bernhard. One child from each nation introduced themselves on behalf of the other children. The diversity of the kindergarten ebrach was to be expressed in this service as well as the connection with the partner institution in senegal. The children rolled a rough globe into the center of the church to symbolize that god holds the whole world in his hand, that everyone is equal before him, and that everyone is of equal value, regardless of whether he is rough or small, dark or light, from germany or from another country in the world.
The head of the daycare center, nicole wachter, also addressed this issue in her welcoming speech. She emphasized that over the past 70 years, the kita has evolved from a children's recreation home to a house for children with family services, and that many institutions, full-time employees and volunteers have been involved in this process. She thanked everyone for their tireless commitment to making the center a place where children can learn and play, grow and mature, and find a place to develop and grow.
After the service, the steigerwald musicians and the local associations accompanied the kindergarten children with their teachers, parents, grandparents and guests of honor in a procession through the town to the kindergarten. There, a communal lunch awaited the numerous visitors, so that they could prepare themselves for the varied afternoon program. A market of possibilities offered something for every guest. Everyone was excitedly awaiting the special highlight of the afternoon. The magician manolo enchanted not only the children with his magic tricks, but also amazed many adults.
A real birthday party naturally also includes presents, so the head of the daycare center, nicole wachter, was able to thank the community of ebrach, the burger association and the fruit and gardening association of ebrach, and the sparkasse bamberg for their generous monetary gifts. 

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