Rewind once again

Rewind once again

Rambo, the blues brothers, highlander, the knights of the coconut and the knights of fortune – the video night is secured. It’s the 80s. The GDR is still the GDR, somewhere there are always demonstrations against atomic energy, a runway or the nato double decision – and most people don’t care. The weekend does matter. This brings young people in this decade unimagined opportunities. It has become normal for 18-year-olds to have a car. Mobility is freedom, and freedom is spab. Mobility makes it possible to have a video night at your buddy’s place in new town.

A special case

Why there? There is a good pizzeria around the corner. Maybe they existed elsewhere too. But in neustadt there is the store of golandsky, and he somehow has an exemption or so. In any case, the video clique still gets a case of beer, a few chips and cigarettes at his place after 10 p.M. This is not a matter of course at that time. The ladenschlussgesetz provides namely from 18 o’clock for supply shortage. Even the lado, the long thursday with opening till 8pm, will not be introduced until october ’89. But in new town… Rambo, pizza, the blues brothers, highlander "oh god, we’re out of beer", golle fur nachschub, die ritter der kokosnuss "ha, we are out of beer again?" And again the video location neustadt: a few houses away there is seriously a beer vending machine. So, now the knights of fortune. At the end of the evening, which turned into a video night, there are a few guys lying all over the place, who can’t really remember any of the films, but think they had a great time and are sleeping at their buddy’s house, because no one is allowed to drive anymore.

Business idea of a decade

Video was THE thing of the 80s. Video stores springing up all over the place. Electronic stores offered VHS movies, gas stations jumped on the bandwagon. DVD and later blu ray tried to make a start, but demand for rental films continued to fall steadily. More and more programs on TV and later streaming made going to the video store superfluous. Today the stores have become rare. Yet 80s gems like mullers buro or drei gegen drei with the musicians of the NDW band trio in double roles are not even available on netflix or amazon.

The 80s brought the generation golf – even if many had an old kafer, a duck or an opel kadett and not a golf. It was the generation, well, let’s say "generation of young driving". The world opened up for us country folk. Those who had to go to the army could go home with their own car at the weekend. For this there was the term "nato-rallye and at the barracks gates there were signs warning of the dangers of the rally, showing how many soldiers from this barracks have already been injured or killed on the road this year.

In the 80s, employee rights were fought for, which were only undermined again in the 2000s. The transport infrastructure was expanded, which pleased the economy. At the same time, environmental protection became more and more important, which made the economy less happy, because legal requirements became more and more stringent. The acid rain has decreased, forest dieback has been halted, and rivers and the air have become clean again. The economy has survived.

End of the 80s. So, at the very end of the 80s, the starting signal was given for the race of the economy for the market of the new federal states. Some people discovered the idea of video for themselves back then. No sooner had the border fallen than trunkloads of video cassettes were rolling towards the east. And: "what, you don’t have a recorder?? Well, I’ve brought something for you right away!" Of course, other stores are also booming. Some turned out to be an air act and flopped.

Nevertheless, video on VHS is as 80s as hardly anything else. And a streaming evening today was also not what a video evening was in the 80s. It’s not even necessary to rewind the tape after watching it, so that everyone has time to go to the bathroom.

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