On a visit home

On a visit home

Bernhard panzer in the current herzogenaurach town writer of the local history society, in which the events of the years 2016 to 2018 are summarized, there is a story about "one who went out". Meant was a herzogenaurach native who left home more than four decades ago to settle in tennessee in the u.S.A.

Bernard westner did it for love, but not without some influence from herzogenaurach. His wife caroline is the daughter of another well-known herzogenaurach family: dickas. In september 2017, the FT also reported in detail on the native of herzogenaurach, who has found his private happiness and professional success in the states.

Snuff for the junior

From "one who went out now "one who returned." Because bernie (that’s just what the americans call him) and caroline are currently on a home visit in herzogenaurach. No question that the two, accompanied by son chris and his girlfriend erin, dropped by the domicile of the home association in steinweg. They were joined by a small group from france, led by bernie’s niece, the daughter of his brother.

Together they went for an extensive walk through the city in the morning. Klaus-peter gabelein, chairman of the local association, gave a lot of information about the city of sports shoes and its famous son. He had invited the guests to the guided tour of the town.

Some initial information was already available beforehand, in steinweg. Besides snuff for son chris, who bravely endured the procedure. Gabelein informed the young westners that their great-grandfather korbinian was a well-known herzogenaurach man and served as a fire department commander. In april 1945, it was the 14., he was commissioned to blow up two bridges over the aurach river. The nazis had wanted to prevent the americans from moving into the city.

They did it anyway, and gabelein sent another payment afterwards. From the "american-slut, who had previously lived in new york and was therefore allowed to interpret. For two years, she heard all the negotiations.

55 employees

In chattanooga, bernard westner, who like his grandfather and father was trained as a carpenter, worked at his trade. Later he started his own business. His company with the specialist name "architectural surfaces (architectural surfaces) developed magnificently. Today, with around 55 employees, the company is the market leader in wood processing in chattanooga, a city of almost 700,000 inhabitants.

Bernie westner has regular contact with herzogenaurach ("we come every two years") and a special relationship with the local association. Two years ago, he made a four-figure donation to the association. Why he did this, the guest kept silent during his current visit. During their visit to steinweg, the westners were able to see for themselves that the money was in good hands.

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