Nurnberg: fubganger in collision with cyclist life-threatening injured

Nurnberg: fubganger in collision with cyclist life-threatening injured

After a collision between a cyclist and a biker in nurnberg on saturday morning, the police are asking witnesses of the incident to come forward.

According to the current state of knowledge, the 21-year-old fubganger fell in love around 2.30 o'clock together with a companion the discotheque "resi" in the klingenhof area. Both then went over the klingenhofstrabe to the nearby cab stand. On the way there, according to his companion, the 21-year-old collided with a cyclist. Both are said to have been hurled to the ground by the collision. The bicyclist got up and continued on his way, as did the moth.

After the accident: condition deteriorated rapidly

On the way home, the 21-year-old's health deteriorated to such an extent that he had to be taken to hospital. There were life-threatening thorax and facial injuries, as well as a hand fracture determined.

The cyclist is said to have been wearing a dark hooded top and jeans. The hair color was blond. Closer is not known. The injured man and his companion are described as follows: both are american state burghers, have short black hair and are latin american in appearance. The 21-year-old was wearing jeans, a light pink T-shirt and a beige jacket. His 23-year-old companion wore a striking red jacket.

The police urgently asks for tips

The police asks witnesses, which possibly the accident or other perceptions in connection with the above-mentioned persons have made, to contact the traffic police inspection nurnberg under the telephone number 0911 6583-1530 in contact.


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