No obligation to buy at the 10. Rodental trade market

No obligation to buy at the 10. Rodental trade market

Bells ringing, samba rhythms and bagpipe folklore – a better introduction to the 10. Trade market in the time-honored domane could not be imagined. The interessengemeinschaft rodental (IGR) presented rodental businesses on the domanenplatz and in the hall as part of the open sunday sales event. Also rodentaler associations, the bavarian red cross, the water rescue service, the fire department, the railroad friends and the municipal utilities did not miss the opportunity to show themselves. And that went down well, because the quite numerous visitors accepted the offer. On top of that, there was a program of events well worth seeing and hearing, such as samba rhythms, demonstrations by a magician, dancing and bagpipe music, and much more besides – in addition to a rich culinary offering.

In the hall itself there was a variety of offers of the rodentaler tradesmen to marvel at, which was perceived in detail. It was an insight into the local trade, which was explained over and over again by friendly employees. It was pleasant that it was not a sales event. The longer the interested people stayed at the stands and enjoyed the information.

The two IGR initiators werner hieber and andreas wittmann emphasized at the opening that they had already made a great effort to get the commercial market off the ground – and that on a voluntary basis. The thanks apparently was that the weather just so played along. Mayor marco steiner () emphasized that the community in rodental works great. "Showing what you have to offer was their motto, said steiner.

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