Michael lane must run against gil ofarim

Michael lane must run against gil ofarim

Slowly, routine returns to michael lane's daily life as a candidate. While he was still insanely nervous in the first round of the casting show, he is now, shortly before his second major live appearance, trying to take things in his stride. "I just don't stress so much anymore", says michael in an interview with our site.

In the first live show, michael had to compete against his teammate brandon stone – and sang "seven days by craig david, a song that brandon of all people had suggested to him while making music together. Michael wanted to show a different, new side of himself, but coach xavier naidoo didn't like it very much: he gave brandon more points than michael. It was only thanks to calls from michael's fans that the frenchman was able to make it to the quarterfinals of the show after all. "Xavier said to me that the song didn't suit me, that I should show more feeling and that I should choose my own songs", says michael.

This advice was taken by the sympathetic ex-soldier. With "angel by sarah mclachlan the 26-year-old again puts everything on rough feelings. This also clearly distinguishes him from his opponent in the show, the ex-teenie star gil and son of abi ofarim, who delivers more rock performances.

With the "bravo became known
Gil became famous at the age of 15 when he was featured in a "bravo" photo-love-story a musician mimed. Later gil put this into action, he landed some hits and became a teen idol. At the age of 30, gil says he wants to "show that the little boy has grown up" – and give his rather stumbling career as a musician a new boost.

Having lived in the U.S. For 20 years and only recently returned to his family in dorfhaus, michael knew the "child star" well of course, the two of them only met through the casting show. Of course, michael is aware that his competitor from that time has been able to reactivate many former fans who are now also adults – it's not for nothing that the 30-year-old now has more than 33 fans on his own.800 fans on the social network facebook, while michael "only" has has just under 6000 followers.

But capitulating to this mass of fans is out of the question for the talented singer from dorfhaus: "I don't want to worry about it, I'd rather concentrate on my performance. I can't say what my chances are of beating gil, after all we are very different types – it's just a matter of taste what people like better. I am just more the quiet and emotional type."

Own song in the semifinals?
If michael makes it to the semifinals, he might enter with his own song. If it doesn't work out, he will return to dorfhaus – and continue to work on his dream to be able to live as an independent musician. He gets support from his family – including his parents, who both live in america. "They watch the show via live-stream on the internet", tells the 26-year-old. But you can't call for him – you can only do that from germany, austria and switzerland. Although they are very proud of their son, michael's parents will probably not be able to come to germany to see a show live in berlin: his father is in an executive position and so very busy with his job.

Michael has a lot planned for his performance on friday: "i'm going to sing from the bottom of my heart, i want to touch people's hearts." For dorfhauser it is a great honor to be among the last 16 candidates – and he also says of himself that he has developed further in the course of the show: "i have become more self-confident and now feel really comfortable on the stage."

All michael has to do now is convince xavier naidoo – and the tv audience – that he will go there, too. He is very grateful for the support he receives, especially from franconia. Until the show starts on friday (sat.1, 20.15 o'clock), there are still some rehearsals on the program for him. But also cuddling with his girlfriend. That can't hurt to prepare for a song full of feeling.

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