Matthias habich is well in the verdrangen

Matthias Habich is well in the verdrangen

Actor matthias habich ("the adventurous simplicissimus") was already afraid of death as a child. "I was already sinking vertically into bed when I was six years old, imagining that one day I would be lying a meter below the ground," he said in an interview with the deutsche presse-agentur shortly before his 80th birthday. Birthday on 12. January.

"The 80 has come frighteningly and surprisingly suddenly. It amazes me and of course it is now so that you open the newspaper and see from the death announcements that all in this age are already dead." That keeps him busy. "But fortunately i’m pretty good at evading it."

His advanced age is also a reason why he can’t imagine committing himself to a series in the long term. "When you make a commitment to a series, it’s a long-term commitment and a time-consuming process. At my age, doing that would have been almost vicious."Besides, a series has no gross attraction for him. "Personally, the same role over a long period of time was perhaps boring me. Besides, you usually only know the scripts for the first two episodes when you decide to join the show. And if the nachsten turning books are then terrible, one is in serienhaft."

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