Longer delay in airport construction feared

Longer delay in airport construction feared

The route passes too close to the research reactor of the helmholtz center, it was said in the verdict. The risk of an air accident or terrorist attack had not been determined before the route was laid out. At present, there are only outdated risk assessments for the reactor.

A new invitation to tender for contracts could further delay the opening of the berlin brandenburg capital airport. However, no demolition work will be necessary for the conversion of the building services in the terminal. This is the result of statements made by project managers to the construction committee of the berlin house of representatives on wednesday. The companies involved in the fire protection system, bosch and siemens, acquitted themselves of any mistakes. The brandenburg state parliament has since set up a special committee to look into the billion-euro project.

In addition to the brandenburg municipalities of stahnsdorf and kleinmachnow, the city of teltow, several landowners and residents of the wannsee had filed a complaint with the OVG. They feared that the planned flight route over the wannsee could lead to arm and other environmental pollution. However, the main concern was that an aircraft could crash into a research reactor on the wannsee lake.

It was the first of several hearings on decisions by the federal air traffic control agency (BAF), which had determined the routes in january 2012. It was only about the one of four possible flight routes of the capital airport that aircraft should take when departing from the northern runway in the direction of the west. For 83 planes a day, the route would then travel at a height of 1.5 kilometers over the wannsee and berlin. Other flight route opponents, who are mainly fighting against flights over the muggelsee lake in the east of berlin, must continue to fear.

The opening of the airport, planned for october, was postponed indefinitely at the beginning of january. According to the operator, the main reason is the complex fire protection system, which is still not functioning. According to the latest calculations, the airport will cost 4.3 billion euros. But this did not take into account the further delay.

The managing director of the overall project manager WSP CBP airport gmbh, christian manninger, told the construction committee that it was being examined whether the airport could continue to employ project supervisors and planners only after an EU-wide invitation to tender had been issued. This tender had not been issued after the cancellation of the deadline in may due to exemptions. It is unclear whether this is still permissible now.

At that time, the general planner PG BBI was given notice, but employees of this planning consortium were immediately re-employed. Airport managing director horst amann said tasks for 20, 30 or 40 engineers may have to be retendered.

"We don’t just have problems with the smoke extraction system, we have a lot of issues there," manninger said. Like representatives of the companies bosch and siemens, he reported on numerous rescheduling since construction began in 2006. "It would now make sense to conduct a comprehensive survey," said manninger. What was built deviated in part considerably from the plans.

Bosch manager ribinski assigned responsibility for the airport debacle to the project management team. Manninger, on the other hand, said the previous management had changed the specifications too often. In march 2012, he had informed the airport bosses "that the opening on 3. June is extremely dangerous".

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