Krum faces a high hurdle

Krum faces a high hurdle

FSV krum faces a herculean task in the district league on sunday (3 p.M.), as the top team, FT schweinfurt, crosses paths with the 13th-place team in the table. On. The DJK dampfach (12.) is at the promoted team in dettelbach (8.), which has only one more payer on the account, demanded. Dettelbach/ortsteile – DJK dampfach

DJK dampfach has scored twice in the last two duels without conceding a goal. But offensively prints the shoe. Above all, there is a lack of cold-bloodedness. Patrick winter, dampfach’s goal-scorer of recent years, has only one goal to his name and was absent twice on his honeymoon. Oliver mutzel will have to watch one last time because of his dismissal in the first game today (2 p.M.).

"We are currently very thin offensively and are not taking advantage of our opportunities, female DJK coach steffen rogele.

Personnel situation hardly improves at the promoted dettelbach either. Nevertheless, the dampfachers were able to inflict the first defeat of the season on the newcomers. In three duels so far, the team from the district of kitzingen has managed one win and two draws. "I’m encouraged by the fact that our defense has been stable lately and we’ve always had our chances up front. Unfortunately, we did not use it as we had wished. Hopefully that will change on saturday", rogele goes into fifth game of season in good spirits. FSV krum – FT schweinfurt the second most goals against has with their twelve the FSV krum on the account. Youngest the forster gave the FSV four. And now, of all times, no one less than the high-flyer of the last few weeks is visiting the free gymnasts in the district of zeiler. With 20 goals, eight of which were scored by dominik popp alone, the promoted team fired from all cylinders in the first four games and defeated gochsheim and oberschwarzach, among others. "That’s quite a number. They have done a lot right in the last few years when things were going downhill. Now they have a very powerful, young squad", krum’s chairman marco schorr shows the opposing party great respect. Yannik saal also stands out from a team that has allowed very little defensively so far. Because only three goals against also speak a clear language.

"However, we will not lie down and say: ‘deport us’", according to schorr, who is naturally female, everything speaks against his krumer. In addition, the team was unsettled and did not play freely. Even in the cup with the underclassigen SG donnersdorf it was only enough to a 3:1. Even krum’s actual player felix hart, who scored 15 times last season, still needs time after his four-week absence. Nevertheless, the chairman hopes for a significant improvement in performance compared to the previous weeks. "The guys now have to improve from game to game and work hard to get things done. Then we’ll get out from underneath", schorr trusts the team.

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