Interesting approach against the referee shortage

Interesting approach against the referee shortage

Every year, the bavarian ministry of education and the bavarian state sports association (BLSV) call on schools and sports clubs to form "sports work groups" the aim of these partnerships is to get students interested in a particular sport – and to show them the way to clubs, which they are unlikely to find or take on their own.
While cooperation is still being considered or merely discussed at some other school locations, the johann philipp von schonborn high school – located in the heart of the rhon soccer district – has already been offering its students the opportunity to train as official referees for the german soccer association (dfb) for two years as part of its extremely broad range of elective courses. Now they are also officially entering into a cooperative partnership.

A good decision

"The elective class was a good decision. It was super interesting and still gives me great pleasure", says anton muthig, who together with his classmates leon maximilian heida and hannes wirsing had already taken part in the elective lessons last year. All three also passed the official referee novice exam of the bayerischer fubballbund (BFV) with flying colors in spring 2017 and have since been on the road as referees and assistants at the pitches in the rhon district.

"Also financially not uninteresting", justus borst, who took part in the elective course during the current school year and found out that it is quite possible to earn extra money as a referee. Besides him also vincent schoppner, philipp schafer and simon weigand got since september weekly all theoretical and practical basics of the "referee craft" from their teacher daniel karch, at the same time referee and member of the teaching team of the rhon district conveys. The training program includes units on rhetoric, improving body language and dealing with stressful situations, as well as video analysis of conflict situations. In role-playing games, solutions to these conflict management exercises are then developed. The schoolchildren thus receive an education that will open up extensive areas of knowledge for them in their later professional lives and in their leisure time, beyond their actual work as impartial officers.

Official cooperation

In the context of the 1. The cooperation agreed on july 2018, the district referee committee (KSA) will officially support the elective lessons at the schonborn high school in the future and provide it with all the necessary course materials as well as the latest training materials from the DFB and the BFV respectively. All participants receive these materials free of charge. In addition, everyone who wanted to take part in the newcomer examination, passed it successfully and wanted to become active as a referee from then on, received all referee utensils such as a folder with whistle, cards, voting marker or note cards as well as a set of the latest referee collection in his or her coarse. In addition, the new referees are accompanied and advised by experienced mentors during their first games. In order to support the young referees and of course to identify and challenge talents at an early stage, the KSA will also install monthly training and challenge courses.

Successful cooperation

In the meantime, vincent, philipp and simon have already whistled their first matches, much to the delight of the KSA around alexander arnold, chairman of the bad kissingen referee group, sebastian wieber, chief instructor of the bad kissingen group and the rhon district, as well as harald schreiber, chairman of the bad neustadt referee group and district referee chairman (KSO).
"The boys are doing great. For this reason, too, we are very happy to support this successful cooperation with the schonborn grammar school even more strongly in the future as an official cooperation partner", says schreiber.

Principal joachim schwigon, who together with his deputy jens hupfer is very pleased about this new cooperation partnership, sees himself once again confirmed in the fact that all-day school programs like the one in munnerstadt open up great opportunities. "Because they also offer clubs excellent opportunities to call on talent close to home." In addition, the gymnasium has been able to rely on its new "specialists" time and again over the past two years when tournaments or championships at district or county level were held in munnerstadt – or when it was a matter of staging the traditional showdown in the "schonborn arena, to direct the soccer game of the abituria against the teachers and to "judge" in front of 500 spectators over older fellow students and the own teachers in a professional and dispassionate way.
"I'm very proud of my boys", says daniel karch, who will also be pleased to see one or two young ladies taking part in the elective lessons.

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