How traffic jams in hablach are to be avoided in the future

How traffic jams in hablach are to be avoided in the future

It's quite unusual: normally, motorists can't wait until work on a construction site and the accompanying side effects such as detours or temporary traffic lights are finally over. In stockheim, they had at least one companion piece they liked to keep a little longer. Because when the B85 last received a new road surface, the traffic lights in the hablach district, where the B 85 and B 89 converge, were temporarily switched off completely. "Then the demand came from the people: 'let them out. It works much better without traffic lights'", says mayor rainer detsch ().

During this time, traffic was regulated exclusively according to the highway code – which, without traffic lights, makes the B 85 a priority road. "That worked', confirms detsch, who at the same time also warns. Although the traffic was able to move more freely, the situation without traffic lights was not entirely without danger for the pedestrians. Not a model for a permanent solution. But something will definitely change at the junction in the coming years.

In the municipal council, members were told on monday, after a previously asked question, that the house in the bend in front of the deutsche hof has been sold to the state building authority.

Jumping to conclusions?

The conclusion drawn by the free voters of stockheim, however, was apparently a bit dubious. "And it is coming. Planned completion 2020", they posted on their facebook page late last night – together with a graphic showing a circle drawn above the intersection and in the garden area of the building. "I can't confirm the year and I can't confirm the traffic circle issue either", says jens laubmann. It is far too early for that and many variants are still conceivable at the moment, explains the head of the kronach service office of the bamberg state building authority. "It is clear that there are wishes on the part of the community. We also want to achieve further results, but you have to take it one step at a time."

The first had been to buy the property, in which the previous owners still live at the moment. Laubmann assumes that the house will then be demolished in the second half of 2018. This then frees up the space needed to widen the intersection. Be it with a traffic circle or another solution. "There will now be different planning variants", according to laubmann. "At the moment we have a traffic light there. This is also a version that can arise."

Seeing what's possible

For this purpose, among other things, the extent to which space is available for additional turning lanes must be investigated. Even a traffic circle needs a certain minimum coarseness. "Now we have to see on site to what extent this is possible from a planning point of view. Because there is another building in the immediate vicinity."

The various options will then be tested and simulated on the computer with the help of software. "Everything is under the goal to improve this hub in terms of traffic", stresses laubmann, who knows the route well as a commuter. Traffic must be optimized at this point in any case.

Long traffic jams

Stockheim's mayor sees it the same way. "It is certainly one of the most heavily trafficked crossing areas in the county outside of the city of kronach", detsch is convinced. "During rush hour in the morning and especially in the evening, there are always traffic jams. Partly up to 600 meters. This is not a rare occurrence."

There are several reasons for this: coming from south in the direction of gundelsdorf, for example, there is a traffic jam because there is only one extremely short turning lane there. "If there is a truck or a car with a trailer, maybe only one or two vehicles come across the intersection in the direction of sonneberg", explains detsch. "And because it's a traffic light on demand, there's always a signal from the south that cars are parked there." The consequence: on the opposite direction, the traffic lights switch to red, which then causes an additional traffic jam on the B85 to the north. A vicious circle. "Even a traffic light reaches its limits when the traffic is too heavy", finds the burgermeister, who therefore prefers a traffic circle.

What it is still too early for

He is glad that a solution will now be found. "I think we will definitely have a much better traffic situation in the intersection," says detsch, according to detsch. A traffic circle, however, is "much more traffic-calming, because you're simply in the flow". However, a traffic light system also has certain advantages, laubmann points out. The junction must now be considered in its entirety. The question of cost will also become an important criterion in the end. "I don't want to give a pro or contra for traffic circles or traffic lights yet", he emphasizes.

Whatever the final solution will look like: when it is finished, motorists and pedestrians alike should be glad that it is available to them.

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