Heidi muller-gartner wants to be mayor of maroldsweisach

Heidi muller-gartner wants to be mayor of maroldsweisach

For heidi muller-gartner, wednesday was a special day. On the one hand, she celebrated her 41st birthday. Birthday. On the other hand, she was nominated with 100 percent of the votes of the members of the CSU local association of maroldsweisach as mayoral candidate for the market town of maroldsweisach. She is running in the 2020 municipal elections, presumably also against the incumbent wolfram thein (SPD).

Before the nomination meeting, rupert fichtner, chairman of the CSU local association of maroldsweisach, welcomed the candidates to a short meeting of the local association. "Already in the autumn of last year we thought about the mayoral election in the coming year 2020", said fichtner. It was then that the decision was made to send a candidate for the mayor’s seat into the race. "We want to fill the mayor’s chair; that is our goal", emphasized the chairman.

According to him, the CSU agreed that they had found the right candidate in heidi muller-gartner. "I, for one, will support her with all my strength", promised rupert fichtner. There were no objections from the assembly, so that the short party meeting could be closed.

Afterwards, the nomination meeting took place. More than 50 people may have attended, 24 of them with voting rights. The district administrator wilhelm schneider, who was mayor in "maro" before thein said that today was a special day for heidi muller-gartner. "There has never been a female mayoral candidate in maroldsweisach before, and we want to make the party more female and young." With it this becomes possible, so the landrat. "Heidi is young, likeable, has both feet on the ground and has the best prerequisites for the mayoralty in maroldsweisach", schneider explained.

Harald deringer took the incumbent mayor wolfram thein (SPD) to task. To the new "bleichacker" business park he said it had taken far too long for anything to happen there. Of all things, the groundbreaking ceremony was held today after the last meeting of the municipal council; that was certainly no coincidence, deringer said.

He further said that in the core village of maroldsweisach, only one house was built last year and that some of the village streets were a disaster. In his opinion, something should have been done a long time ago, and the kindergarten is not making much progress either. He particularly emphasized that the cooperation with the incumbent mayor leaves much to be desired.

CSU chairman rupert fichtner also regretted it. "As a second mayor, you can’t do what a first mayor should do."

Then the candidate heidi muller-gartner introduced herself. "One waits for the times to change, the other tackles them head on and takes action", she explained. The candidate is 41 years old, married and has three children. "I am an educator by profession and have been working for 20 years at the habberge SPV, where I help mentally ill people." She comes from hafenpreppach and grew up on a middle-class farm. After elementary, secondary and high school, she studied for five years at the academy for social pedagogy to become a teacher. She has always been interested in what is going on in her hometown of hafenpreppach, and she has been involved there on all occasions. "Where life was, was and am i", she said.

She has been a member of the maroldsweisach town council since 2011 and is active in its committees. "My vocation is to work with people, and I would like to use this in our community as mayor. People are important to me", she assured.


Harald deringer proposed heidi muller-gartner as mayoral candidate. 24 electors voted unanimously in a secret ballot for heidi muller-gartner. She said: "thank you, it’s amazing; I’m not surprised, but I’m very proud, and it’s refreshing that you all believe in me."

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