Habberge district: the “open cemetery day” is cancelled

habberge district: the 'open cemetery day' is cancelled

For the 20. In september, the responsible persons of the district association for horticulture and landscape conservation habberge had planned the day of the open cemetery. "The event is cancelled!" Can now be read on the website of the association.

The project failed due to the regulations in the context of the corona pandemic, is to be learned from district technical advisor guntram ulsamer. The event was planned in advance to attract as many visitors as possible and to inform them about the topic of cemetery culture. Different trades, such as cemetery gardening, gravestone and stonemasonry firms, as well as the morticians’ association, the cemetery administration and pastors, all contributed their share.

The cancellation of the event does not mean that the cemeteries in the district were not open that day. Anyone who wants to find out about the condition and atmosphere of the cemetery in their hometown or elsewhere can do so on the third sunday in september just as they can on any other day.

Design with a regional focus

The municipality of neubrunn had made particularly intensive preparations with many volunteers. The motto "cemetery culture – a reflection of our society" they wanted to present in cooperation with kirchlauter and under the direction of the consultants ulsamer and johannes bayer on their burial ground. The day should be designed in a lively and regional way to show that a cemetery is first and foremost for the living.

Ulsamer regrets the cancellation of the event, as does mayor karl heinz kandler. "Just the faith is deeply rooted in the region of the holy lands", says ulsamer. He points out the great number of field crosses and marterls. There are more than 60 crosses and wayside shrines, which impress in their diversity. The funeral culture has a particularly high priority here, he says. After the renovation of the path surfaces of the cemetery kirchlauter was completed, it was a special concern for mayor kandler, according to ulsamer, to talk about the topic "open cemetery" to make a statement.

For some years now, newly laid out areas for urn burials have been available in neubrunn and kirchlauter. The construction yard workers planted native trees and wood and gave the site a dignified setting. Nevertheless, according to ulsamer, more families are opting for a traditional burial in the ground: "urn burials are still less common."

Art plays an important role

The last event was the "open cemetery day" 2017 under the motto "space for remembrance in sand instead of. In addition to planting, art also played a role in the cemetery, and handcrafted grave memorials were the focus of attention. Some gardeners of the region had laid out sample graves for inspection. In addition, there was an exhibition of modern gravestones and sacred art objects, which had been made available by stonemasons in the district.

New start next year

In addition, there was the possibility of obtaining information from a local funeral home about the procedure of a funeral service and all related questions. The cancellation of the 2020 open garden day will certainly not be the end of this event.

If the regulations permit, the project will probably be tackled again in 2021. Until then, those interested can take a look around any cemetery in the district and explore the historical as well as the new aspects of burial culture, with due respect and reverence.

Many cemeteries in the district have gravestones with dates of life, some of which date back to the 19th century. They make the burial grounds important cultural sites. As places of rest and reflection, they are also meeting places for mourners and for people interested in history. Every cemetery is a part of the cultural and historical heritage, a mirror of local life.

The district advisory service supports communities and horticultural societies in planning and implementing design inspections of their cemeteries. For this purpose, an information brochure with the title "erinnerung uber den tod hinaus" (remembrance beyond death) is available at the district association’s office in habfurt, uchenhofener strabe 17 from.

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