Going to the polls: now is the time!

Going to the polls: now is the time!

The time has come, the federal elections are just around the corner. So it’s time to start thinking about the right cross. But somehow it seems that the election has long been decided. Debates about the upcoming election day are more present on television than at the dinner table. But the election doesn’t just affect those whose heads are poking out for our attention on election posters. But also us. You and me.

The question who I will vote for was quite difficult to answer. This year i may elect the federal parliament for the third time. And I have the feeling that it is even more difficult for me to make a decision than in the years before.

I have done the election-o-mat, have read party programs, have compared old voting results. And somehow I had with each party something to criticize. So it’s easy to say "the politicians do what they want anyway" or "my vote won’t change the result anyway".

Probably the result of the federal election was actually exactly the same, except for the last percentage point the same, if I do not make my cross. But if all were to think so, what then?

I am glad that I live in a country where I can help to shape politics. And even though I’m not a member of any party and don’t agree with any of them one hundred percent, I made both of my crosses (by brieahl) out of conviction. Out of the conviction that democracy only works properly when citizens exercise their right to vote. I am annoyed that before the election it is already suggested that everything is done anyway, that the election has already been decided. I vote out of conviction because I believe in democracy. If you don’t vote, don’t get upset if things don’t go the way you want them to for the next four years. He must not be upset if something similar happens here as in the USA or great britain. When suddenly trump becomes president and great britain leaves the euro. Therefore: go to the polls, make your two crosses.

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