Full concentration on voluntary work

Full concentration on voluntary work

Alfred gundling adjusted to a largely new working environment six years ago. The trained metalworker ran for mayor of the city on behalf of the CSU. "Because until then there was only one candidate", remembers the 59-year-old. A selection is entirely in the interests of democracy. It took a long time to get his employer to give him the green light for this sideline activity. That’s why he announced his arrival comparatively late.

But the double burden of work and honorary office after gundling’s election did not last long. Six months after the election, his company closed because there was no successor for the sick boss. Suddenly everything was different. "I have not taken on any more work in order to concentrate more on the office", says gundling.

In addition to his duties as mayor, gundling and his family run a winegrowing business on the side. He cultivates 0.6 hectares of vineyard and grows wine in his own cellar. In the heckenwirtschaft, the gundlings organize wine tastings for registered groups, such as spa guests or federal police officers. "But since I’ve been burgermeister, that’s become less of a problem", the incumbent alludes to the many evening appointments associated with the office.

He says he has found the mayor’s work increasingly enjoyable. "At the beginning it was already a change", he describes the change to the administrative position. As a craftsman, he has taken projects from drawing to product in a short time. In administration, some things often take a long time because many people are involved in decisions. However, the network with a good connection to fellow mayors and the district administration as well as the harmonious relationship in the administrative community make the task appealing.

Gundling is reserved in his assessment of the challenges of the past term of office in the ramsthal municipal council. There was only one list of candidates in 2014. Ten candidates from the burgerblock joined the board, but with him only three from the CSU.

More women in the council

"We have not achieved everything that we could have", is the only comment he lets slip about the majority situation. He finds it regrettable that at the beginning of the term of office there are only two members of the town council. In the meantime, two women have followed suit. But for a new term of office, he would like to see more women on the council, because they enrich the discussion with other points of view. Wolfgang dunnebier

Three questions for alfred gundling

Instead of a single list as in 2014, three lists are running this time. What does this mean for the coming time in ramsthal?

Alfred gundling : representatives from all the lists will come to the municipal council, I assume that. Whether this will work as well as it has in shaping opinion, and whether residents will accept the decisions, will be another question. In any case, the lists contain seasoned women and men who will advocate their positions. Ramsthal has many tasks to accomplish in the coming years.

How to proceed with the kindergarten?

We now have 15 registrations. The hourly requirement will be taken up in a second attempt. But we are still committed to the new building. The new location is not yet certain. We currently have three sites on the shortlist. We were able to bridge the time until construction began with a container lot, here a rough estimate of about 73 square meters is given to accommodate 15 regular children.But the landratsamt supports this only if it continues with the planning for the new building. I don’t think much of outsourcing a group to the old school. Modifications were also necessary for fire protection. It also makes no sense to house groups farther away and in different buildings. Here, too, must be met applicable requirements.

What do you see as the main projects for the coming legislative period??

We have already initiated a lot of things that can be implemented in the new period. In any case, the new construction area must be completed in a timely manner, so that no one from the previous builders jumps away. 15 of the 18 seats are already reserved. The required rainwater retention basin is perhaps the next one before the kindergarten, on which the further processing of our wastewater situation depends.

The device is necessary for the flow control of the inflow into the clearing plant. So from 2023 we should start the renovation of the streets in the settlement and in the leo-gunder-strabe. For the celebration of the 900th anniversary of ramsthal in 2022 there have already been preliminary meetings. This event must be well prepared.

About the person

Mayor alfred gundling is from ramsthal. After an apprenticeship as a steel worker in a steel and aluminum construction company in schweinfurt, he completed his compulsory military service in 1982. Finally, he worked for 33 years in a metal construction company in the schweinfurt area. He volunteers for the red cross. He works two to three shifts a month in the rescue service in mabbach, is second chairman of the BRK-bereitschaft ramsthal, and is active as a member of the district board of the BRK bad kissingen for the rescue services. He also serves as second chairman in the ramsthal CSU local association and in the ramsthal trade association, which organizes the annual advent market.

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