French secret service also monitors en masse

French secret service also monitors en masse

Even information on twitter and facebook messages was kept illegally for years and evaluated when needed. In addition to the domestic intelligence service, the customs service, among others, has access to the data, according to the report. Contents of messages or speech were not recorded. To the "le monde"-report the government did not comment at first.

In the U.S. Espionage affair, france had recently been excelling. "We demand that this stop immediately," said, president francois hollande said and even spoke out in favor of postponing negotiations on the planned transatlantic free trade agreement between the eu and the u.S.

Meanwhile, ex-intelligence agent edward snowden, prosecuted for his revelations about U.S. Spying, is not benefiting from the displeasure of the government in paris. The 30-year-old’s application for asylum was rejected after a substantive and legal review, the interior ministry announced on thursday evening. Snowden cannot hope for asylum in italy either, as egyptian minister emma bonino said. A number of other countries had already rejected the asylum application of snowden, who has been stuck in the transit area of moscow’s sheremetyevo airport for almost two weeks.

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