For the last time “music in times of pandemic” in fuchsstadt

For the last time 'music in times of pandemic' in fuchsstadt

Live music also works in corona times. Not only as streaming on the internet, but as a welcome performance in the open air, as the fuschter musikanten proved. They took up a recommendation of their federations and played – respecting the praventivmabnahmen – in the straben and on the squares of the native place to the joy of the listeners.

"We have on 22. March with our small concerts and have so far performed 17 times in different formations and at different places", reports ex-chairman manfred oftring. Always on sunday evening at 6 p.M. Music sounded in a street, at a place or place, where active members of the music association live. They came together to play a standchen to get people out of their houses and to listen to them.

For this purpose, oftring and his son markus rewrote pieces to suit the respective instrumental instrumentation. "We open with a church song followed by brass music of all colors", he informs. The "bohemian dream" can do that, "on the bird meadow", "high firs", "we musicians" or the title "thoughts are free" his. The performers appear in various rough groups and sometimes as soloists. And the musical offer is of course free of charge.

Afterwards, as a thank you, there will be a small drink and some snacks or coffee and cake from the neighboring listeners. "The open-air is a great idea, and we are happy to show our appreciation", says a listener in the vineyard street, who brings a plate of cake.

The 17. Session is also the finale of the fuschter musikanten. The "corona concert" ends in the vineyard street, between two buildings. "On sunday evening in our strabe" was played for the last time, because the vacation season is approaching and even passionate musicians put away their instruments from time to time.

By the way, the local musicians were naturally attracted for their "performances" the permission of landowners, the municipality and the burgers a. There is also no truth in the rumor that circulated through the neighboring community that the fuchsstadt musicians had to pay a fine of 20 000 euro.

The final piece is the "frankenliedmarsch", that the listeners from the weinbergstrabe sing along happily. They honored the presentation with a powerful applause, the musicians thanked with an encore for the support.

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