First day at work: tips for a good start at the new workplace

first day at work: tips for a good start at the new workplace

The first day in a new company after the job change or as newcomers to the profession is marked by nervousness and expectations. As an employee, you want to make a good first impression and meet your employer’s expectations. And then there’s the first meeting with the new colleagues. Find out in this article how to prepare for your new job prepare optimally, what to pay attention to in the choice of dress and interview rounds, and how your first day at work will be successful.

4 tips for preparing for a new job

The best remedy for nervousness is to know that you are well prepared. Therefore, you should do the following things spatestenstens the day before – so your first day at work more relaxed!

  1. Pick out documents. Have you been given a list of things to do before your start?? Maybe the personnel department is still missing some information about you. You should have your identity card, tax identification and social security number, a passport photo and possibly your signed employment contract at hand.
  2. Research places and people. If you don’t remember from the interview, or if something might have changed, you should look carefully at your new job and who your contact person will be. It is best to plan your route and check out the parking facilities so that you can make your first impression first day at work start relaxed and on point.
  3. Pack your bag. Be sure to take your calendar and pen with you so that you can make a note of important appointments right away. Mint pastilles (not chewing gum)!) and change for the vending machines can’t hurt either.
  4. Prepare your outfit. Depending on the job, you may be provided with work clothes or have been given a dress code. Otherwise you should dress appropriately for your surroundings. In a craft business, different standards apply than in offices or customer-facing workplaces. You can always be on the safe side by wearing a shirt or blouse with a bow and a pair of neat jeans when you meet a new colleague starting a new job.

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Behavior on your first day at work: introduction and rules of conduct

For people just starting out, a first day in a new job is all about getting to know your co-workers and the work flow of the team. These 7 things you should keep in mind:

  • Make notes. Make a note of important points, initial tasks and which contact persons you have for which questions.
  • Introduction of new employees. To a a good start at your new job get to know as many colleagues as possible. Have a few phrases of your own in mind. Maybe include one or two funny or personal facts about you that will stick in the minds of your new colleagues longer than a reeled off resume. A circular email to your new department with a photo of you and a thank you for the friendly welcome to the team will also help to make a good first impression.
  • Open and friendly. Even if you are reserved or find small talk difficult, you should bury all new faces with a smile and open body language. A friendly "hello" is the least you can do!
  • Taboo topics. All the questions you have about salary or vacation and sick days are important, but they send the wrong signals on your first day at work. First read the employment contract again or ask the questions at a later point in time.
  • Show willingness to work. You may be asked to bring first day at work even idle time brings. Don’t sit in a corner with your arms crossed, but approach your colleagues, ask them for new tasks or ask for clarification on things that still seem unclear to you. So show your motivation and willingness to work!
  • Withhold criticism! A new job means for you to listen first. Get to know everything, ask questions, but hold back on negative criticism. Maybe they don’t understand a connection yet, the problem solves itself or they bring the criticism with solution suggestions, if they are trained.
  • Make contacts. Whether you’re at the vending machine or at lunch, try to get to know your new colleagues during breaks. Why not exchange numbers or arrange to meet for coffee after work on friday?. These are the things that make it easier for you, as a newcomer or after a change of job, to arrive and find your feet.

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New job: how to deal with nervousness?

Your first day at work you’re up for it, you’ve prepared using the tips and ideas in this article, but your confidence is gone? Always keep in mind that the employer has decided for you after your application and interview! Your new job suits you from the point of view of your superiors. Besides, it is only natural if you are excited and your new colleagues know that too. Deal with it openly and humorously if you make a small mistake. Besides, a first day at work even a small part of the time you will spend at the new workplace. Do not attach too much importance to it.

One last tip: take a little dance at home in the morning with your favorite music or go for a brisk walk around the block before you leave for work new job enter. Exercise helps get rid of the adrenaline.

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