Fewer unemployed despite cold weather

Fewer unemployed despite cold weather

In the second month of the year, 7657 people were registered as unemployed in the main-rhon region. That was 62 people or 0.8 percent fewer than in january. The unemployment rate fell from 3.2 percent in january to 3.1 percent in february. Compared to the previous year, the level of the
unemployment significantly lower. In february 2017, the number of unemployed was still 1550 more, and the unemployment rate was 3.8 percent.

Much movement

"The seasonal increase in unemployment during the winter months failed to materialize despite the cold february. The number of unemployed people has remained below the 8000 mark since april 2017.", thomas stelzer, chairman of the management board of the agency for labor schweinfurt, commented on the latest figures. Employment figures in the region remain relatively high. 2777 people were able to end their unemployment in february, 764 more than in the previous month. In turn, 2721 workers had to register as unemployed for the first time or again. This was 113 people less than in january. "Some employers in the region, faced with full order books, had tried harder to keep their employees on over the winter. The bad weather phase was used to reduce the overtime accumulated during the summer months", summed up stelzer.
Compared to the previous month, almost all groups of people benefited from the development of the labor market. Not, however, among younger people under 25 years of age. 700 people were affected by unemployment here in february. This was 23 more than in the previous month, but 183 people fewer than in the same month of the previous year. "Due to seasonal factors, a slight increase in the number of unemployed young people is not unusual. Not only trainees who have successfully completed their training, but also those who have dropped out of training or university are increasingly contacting the career counselors at the employment agency to explore possible career alternatives, explained stelzer. The increase in unemployment among men is also typical for the time of year. Men work predominantly in the jobs that are heavily affected by seasonal unemployment in the winter months. Contrary to the seasonal trend, this was only 12 more people than in the previous month, and 920 fewer than in the previous year.
The number of companies that had registered short-time work for their employees rose by six to 21 companies with 117 employees. Compared to january, about 14 more people were affected. A year ago the numbers were even higher. In february 2017, there were still 23 companies with 669 employees for which short-time work was registered. Unemployment rose slightly among people with a refugee background; nevertheless
there are significantly fewer unemployed than a year ago. In february, 577 unemployed people with a refugee background were paid in the main-rhon region. That was 7.5 percent of all registered unemployed people.

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