Fear of astra withdrawal from russelsheim

fear of astra withdrawal from russelsheim

Employee representatives warn of a "devastatingly wrong decision", adam opel AG sees the planned relocation of astra production to less expensive foreign countries as an important step out of the loss zone.

The works council is trying to reach a solution at the negotiating table for the time being. "The employees’ side has proposed to take over the investments for the production of the next astra generation when it comes to russelsheim", the german press agency learned from union circles on monday.

In order to prevent the planned relocation of astra production in russelsheim to ellesmere port in england and gliwice in poland from 2015 onwards, the employees agreed to forego wage components amounting to around 35 million euros. In addition, efficiency could be increased in order to "counter-finance" the necessary investments.

The adam opel AG confirmed current negotiations with workers on production sites for the next generation of the astra. Plans call for investments of more than 300 million euros and a switch to three-shift operation. "The upcoming decision on the astra is part of a comprehensive plan to take opel/vauxhall’s business in europe into a profitable and sustainable future," the company said. Especially in poland the production is more favorable than in russelsheim. Nearly 70,000 opel astras are scheduled to roll off the assembly line here in 2012, along with about 150,000 insignias.

If the plans are implemented, only the mid-range sedan will be produced at the parent plant. This was not sustainable in the long run, trade union circles warned: "because of the underutilization, the most modern location became extremely expensive and was thus driven out of business."But it is also conceivable, for example, that the zafira could be built in russelsheim instead of bochum – the plant in the ruhr region has long been on the management’s list for elimination.

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