Fdp wants to focus more on social issues in the future

Fdp wants to focus more on social issues in the future

Party vice-chairman christian lindner, who is running for the office of chairman in december, will present the 43-year-old as his candidate for the important post on friday in berlin, the "ruhr nachrichten" and the news agency dpa learned from party sources.

After its departure from the bundestag, the FDP wants to broaden its content and focus more on social issues. "We always see ourselves as an advocate of equal opportunities," lindner said after a meeting of the chairmen of the nine FDP state parliamentary groups in stuttgart. The 34-year-old has long advocated a "compassionate liberalism".

In a "stuttgart declaration," the heads of the parliamentary groups discussed the party’s fall to 4.8 percent in the federal election. In the past four years, the FDP has not been able to convince voters "in substance and appearance" as a governing party. Leaving parliament is a "profound zasur".

Lindner once again criticized the FDP’s poorly-fed campaigning for second votes from CDU/CSU voters and its role as the supposed procurer of a majority for CDU chancellor angela merkel: "we have campaigned more strongly for a function and a person from another party than for our own profile."

The state parliamentary groups with a total of 92 delegates and the 12 european parliamentarians now see themselves as the engine of renewal after the loss of the federal parliamentary group. The FDP will counter "the zeitgeist of a state-fixated policy with the model of a modern social market economy and an active civil society. Lindner said: "the FDP is no longer in the bundestag, but the FDP is still in the game. This is what this paper prints."

However, the future direction of the program is controversial within the parliamentary opposition. FDP vice-chairman holger zastrow warned against a shift to the left and an opening for other coalition partners besides the union. SPD, green party and left-wing party are "all socialists," saxony’s parliamentary group leader, who must pass a state election in 2014, told the "leipziger volkszeitung" newspaper.

Lindner, who in the past was considered open to a traffic light alliance with the SPD and the greens, ruled out such a commitment. He wants to position the FDP as an independent force and return to the bundestag in 2017. For that, he wants to bring the up-and-coming beer to his side. She is considered pragmatic and is one of the few high-profile women in the FDP.

From 2009 to 2012, beer was secretary of state for europe; since may 2012, she has been minister of education in hesse. After the black-yellow defeat in the state elections, she will most likely lose her office in wiesbaden. The incumbent secretary general, patrick doring, was in a state of emergency after the 22. September with the entire leadership resigned. He switches to the economy. The new FDP leadership is to be elected in december at a special party conference in berlin.

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