Europe can do more

Europe can do more

On 9. May we commemorate the fact that we live in peace and unity in europe – it is the anniversary of the schuman declaration. In 1950, the then french minister of the interior, robert schuman, gave a speech in which he explained his idea of a new form of political cooperation in europe.
Today, 68 years later, european unity is a valuable asset in many respects. On this occasion, a vernissage and a lecture under the motto "europe can do more" took place on monday evening in the rooms of the academy for new media in kulmbach instead of.
Nadja hirsch, member of the european parliament for the free democratic party (FDP), reported on current issues, but also on the problems facing europe: the refugee problem, a powerful european parliamentary army or an open internal market played just as important a role as digitization, the financial economy and the strengthening of regions.
"The EU must be in dialogue with the burghers, because it needs a basis that is supported by all", hirsch said. For that, we also need local roots, and it is important to defend what we have achieved in europe, including citizens’ rights and prosperity. "If you want to have a sustainable europe, you have to pay close attention to what steps are being taken now."
That europe is essential for us and also has a future, is also the view of thomas nagel. The district chairman of upper franconia said, "we have the future in our own hands, everyone can contribute to it. The EU needed courageous citizens who openly embraced european values. As an italian and a "glowing european" benjamin de pellegrin underlined the statements of hirsch and nagel. "I am also a foreigner", he said and smiled.

46 impressions

The impressive photo exhibition with 46 impressions from european countries showed how versatile europe is. Lovingly selected landscape photographs, portraits or snapshots from great britain, norway, spain and turkey, to name but a few, under the direction of manfred strohlein, will adorn the wall on the second floor of the kulmbach academy for new media over the next four weeks.

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