Etwashausen between regional league and district league

Etwashausen between regional league and district league

Remaining in the bavarian league is the greatest success in the history of the etwashauser table tennis department. Instead of a peace-joy-egg-cake-and-further-so-feeling the team falls however in all probability apart.

Dietmar weger (ranking position 2, 12:17-balance) and peter herbst (3, 23:8) will leave the club. Weger, because he has been traded away from the club and, for example, does not feel that his performance (bavarian senior champion) has been appreciated accordingly. Herbst, on the other hand, explains in an e-mail the reason for his departure from sthashaus after two successful years: "because that’s the way it is. I will be 50 this year and must listen to my inner voice. This is for me the most important."

Alexander burkard (4), who has been linked to spvgg erlangen, a team that has been training with him for years, is now also a big question mark. For habfurter, who lives and works in the university town, this was an obvious and understandable decision.

Whether there will be a reunion with TV sthashausen in the national league is still up in the air. On the one hand, because burkard’s transfer is not yet one hundred percent certain, but on the other hand also because the people in charge of etwashausen around department head martin gunzel do not yet know at all in which league their first team will compete. The bavarian league is as good as ruled out, the state league the declared goal, but also not yet a done deal.

"We first have to be clear about what we want," explains gunzel, for whom even the 1. District league does not yet seem to be finally off the table. But then only with our own people. Among them you can count the recently injured torsten kuster, who has worn the jersey of TV etwashausen for four seasons now and will also wear it in the new season. "But only in the national league," he explains. In the 1. He will not play for the TVE in the district league.

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