“Dead air” in the open-air swimming pools

Splashing in the pools of the "kunomare" open-air pool. Rain drops fall incessantly from the black clouds above the swimming pool. Alexander ring puts the pressure washer aside and starts cursing about the bad weather: "man, oh man, is this a disaster." He invites you into his office, which on this cold and rainy day has become a warm room with the heating on.

Actually, the gates of the pool were supposed to open on 9 september. May was open, but the month of midsummer, which this year did not live up to its name, had put a spoke in the town of burgkunstadt's wheel. "Only when the weather is good again will we start bathing", says ring. The water temperature in the pool is not much warmer than 16 degrees, according to the pool attendant. "The sun, which is currently shining at a low level, ensures that the solar system, which is used to heat the pools, does not produce any warmth."

Mainleus, redwitz and kronach – in the neighborhood, the outdoor pools were open despite the bad weather. The female also ring, who likes to visit other outdoor pools in his free time out of professional interest. "I would like to see how things are done there", says the enthusiastic swimmer who lives in kronach. There he pursues his hobby in the swimming department of the gymnastics club. In the "crana mare" outdoor pool in kronach and in other bathing facilities, he has made the same experience over and over again in recent weeks: "everywhere is dead air." For him, the question is: "why open the open-air swimming pool because of a few handfuls of guests??" The answer: "it's not worth it!" That's how the city saw it too, he says.

Waiting time put to good use
He and his colleague jana henke, who also works as a specialist for pool operations (as the profession is correctly called) at "kunomare", have turned their heads works, not. On the contrary: they used the time wisely for repairs, gardening and cleaning work. "The mud buckets have been painted yellow, the measuring water pump has been replaced and the roof of the kiosk has been cleaned", he pays up. During a tour of the outdoor pool area with its three swimming pools (children's pool, adventure pool with slide and swimmer's pool), he proudly shows off the new acquisitions: a trampoline for the swimmer's pool is leaning against one wall. At the children's pool, he pulls out a swimming apparatus for the little ones from a storeroom.

Then the garden stream is inspected, which – piped underground – runs in the earth under the open-air swimming pool land. Ring takes an expert look at the drain pipes. "Twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, they are cleared of branches, mud and other debris."

In the staff room, he takes a picture from 2002 off the wall. Heavy rains had turned the little stream into a rubbing torrent. The pipes could no longer absorb the muddy water. The result: a brown sludge poured over the entire baths.

This year, he and jana henke had to contend with ice and snow. For the lifeguards, the open-air swimming pool season already begins in march with preparatory work, and at that time germany was still under a thick blanket of snow. "When we cleaned the swimming pools in april, it was minus degrees in the morning", ring tells. The water in the burgkunstadt open-air swimming pool is not drained throughout the winter. The result: a layer of ice covers the pools every year during the cold season.

"When it rains on siebenschlafer, we are blessed with seven weeks of rain", an old farmer's rule for the 27th says. June. Ring hopes that it will not be true and that the weather caprices will finally come to an end. "I can hardly wait to bury the guests. If you are satisfied with the bath, then I feel confirmed in my work."

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