Corona-conform adorned: the easter fountain in bad bruckenau creates a spring atmosphere

Corona-conform adorned: the easter fountain in Bad Bruckenau creates a spring atmosphere

Since friday afternoon the fountain in front of the old town hall in bad bruckenau shines in the brightest colors. Garlands of easter eggs entwine along the iron strand, which is covered with buchs. "It is a splash of color that perhaps also cheers people up a bit", says wolfgang friedrich. His wife gabriele stands on a small ladder at the edge of the fountain and attaches the garlands with the easter eggs. He trims the ladder and passes the garlands to her. Decorating the easter fountain is a team effort, as it soon becomes clear.

Last year, the easter fountain decorating fell through due to the corona pandemic, as gabriele friedrich, the 2. Chairman of the fruit and gardening association (OGV) of bad bruckenau, told. "At that time, everything was going smoothly. We couldn’t react that quickly." This year, the decoration of the easter fountain takes place in a "slimmed-down form" instead of. The usual flowering candelabra on the fountain’s border were dispensed with.

Easter fountain decorating usually a highlight for the children

"For the kids, decorating the fountain at easter was always a highlight", says gabriele friedrich. While the joint decorating was otherwise a fun activity for everyone, in corona times it is only she, her husband and gisela knuttel from the ranks of the OGV who – in corona style in a small circle with masks and distance – place the colorful easter eggs on the fountain. But even in the small round, the spab is not left out. The mood is good, there is a lot of laughter.

Nevertheless, there is a bit of melancholy, as many club activities have to be put on hold or can only take place to a limited extent. "The interpersonal is missing", says knuttel. In principle, everything takes place online, reports gabriele friedrich. For example, the board meetings. But at least they were able to plan the sowing of the seeds for the community garden with the children, she says. The children and youth group of the club is usually quite active. "We are a good team overall. It goes on despite corona", says the 2. Chairwoman.

Things also continue at the bad bruckenau easter fountain. Egg after egg is placed by the three helpers. The result: a wonderfully colorful fountain that is more than worthy of admiration. Gabriele friedrich is satisfied with the finished work and says: "now easter can come."

216 eggs decorate the juster at the bath bruckenau easter fountain. More eggs are added in the middle.

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