Circle of friends takes stock

At the annual general meeting of the "association of the friends of herzogenaurach high school (FGH), the leaders looked back at their work. The main focus has been on purchases for the school library, grants for tutoring, financial contributions for seminars and support for needy students.
The largest single item was the request for the school library, as the teacher in charge wanted to continue the renewal of the stock. All this was financed thanks to donations from the sparkasse and private individuals, as well as the annual contributions of the 230 members.
A substantial contribution came from the 2017 graduation ball, as the FGH once again acted as the organizer – as a link between the high school graduates and the city of herzogenaurach as the host and landlord of the sports hall. The open-mindedness of the city was particularly emphasized. The 2017 abiball was again a great event with around 700 guests, to which the communities of grobenseebach and weisendorf also contributed.

Money for the library

For the coming year, the major item (almost one third of the total budget) is once again the modernization of the library collection. Funds will also be made available for the music department. In total, the FGH will contribute about 8000 euros to the education and training needs of the gymnasium in herzogenaurach. This amount is in high of the expected income, and only in case of unexpected demands for further expenses is a resort to the "savings stocking" of the circle of friends is needed, which is exactly meant for such coarse investments. The FGH hopes for more friends of the gymnasium as new members.
Hartmut simon

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