Obscene Ideas

It had been a long time since I’d had sex with Eric, a month to be precise. Work had been keeping him busy, and most times, he was too tired to make love to me. He worked at a car shop and also at a warehouse, and by the time he came home, it would be dinnertime. He’d retire to bed soon after, complaining of aches and exhaustion. Honestly, it made me feel lonely.
It was a lazy Saturday, and we both were lounging on the couch, watching something on _Animal _Planet. My eyes wandered over to my husband, his muscular arms folded across his chest, his beautiful lips pursed into a smile, his legs tucked underneath him. I wanted to feel his rough hands on my body, his teeth as he bit into my flesh, his tongue as it glided up and down my wet folds. I squeezed my legs together, feeling the wetness start to form.
Sighing, I walked into our bedroom. After those dirty thoughts, I needed a cold shower to cool me down and get my mind off of Eric. I stripped off my blue satin gown, and ran my fingers across my pubic bone. Thank God for no panties, I thought as I stepped into our spacious bathroom.
Allowing the cool water to wash over my heated body, I sighed once more. I wished that Eric was enjoying this shower with me, and as I closed my eyes, the thought of his hands holding me open while he devoured me made my clit throb. I couldn’t take it! I pulled and tugged at my nipples, thinking of Eric’s teeth as he bit each one. I slowly moved my hand down past my stomach, and as my index finger found my clit, I leaned back against the wall as I rubbed it slowly. I imagined Eric licking my pussy, his head buried between my thighs, his hungry eyes never leaving mine. I could feel his teeth graze my clit, and I moaned as I slid my finger into my wetness.
“Oh, Eric. Fuck me.” I moaned as I fucked myself. God, how I wished I could feel his thick, hard, cock filling me up? How I wished he could see me right now?
“Tiffany, baby.” His voice was husky and low, and I plunged my fingers deeper. Was he in the shower with me? I didn’t want to open my eyes. “You are so sexy. I just want to taste you.”

His lips traveled across my neck, and I shivered. I kept fucking myself with two fingers, feeling my wetness seeping down my legs. Fuck! If he was really here, that meant one thing.
“I’m right here, baby,” his low voice rumbled against my ear, and I opened my eyes. There he was, his naked body wet from the water, his penis erect. Whoa!!

His arms surrounded me, and I fell into his embrace. Our tongues hungrily explored each others’ mouths, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him! Desire and hunger shone in his hazel eyes, and I wanted him to devour me, to gobble me up and drink all of me like I was his last meal.
“Do you hear that?” He whispered into my ear, and I lifted my head. A familiar song was playing from somewhere close by, and I smiled. It was the song that we first made love to.
“Oh, Eric.”
“I’m sorry that I’ve been so tired. Work has been keeping me preoccupied, and usually, I’m just exhausted. You’ve been so patient with me, sweetie. Tonight, it’s all about you though. Turn around, hold onto the grab bar, and spread your legs.”

Oh fuck! This was really happening! I did as instructed, and I moaned loudly as his fingers wasted no time sliding into my wetness. Oh God! Fuck! In and out, in and out, and I could hear my juices. Then, his fingers were gone. I squeezed the grab bar, biting my lip hard.
“Oh God!” I moaned as he sucked on my swollen pussy lips.

His rough hands grabbed my hips tightly as he devoured me. I closed my eyes as he dove in, drinking all of my juices. I felt my clit being squeezed and rubbed, and I couldn’t hide the moans that escaped me. Harder, faster! His nails dug into my skin, and I could feel my walls tightening. Nothing else mattered but this feeling, and as he sucked on my clit, I heard the chorus of our song:
“So baby, let’s go insane, insane.
Yeah, you make me lose my brain, my brain.”
“Fill me up with your juices, baby girl. Cum for me!”

I screamed as his vulgar words pushed me over the edge. His tongue lapped at my dripping pussy, and another orgasm had my knees buckling. Eric’s strong hands held me in place as I rode out another wave of pleasure, and my head was yanked backwards as he kissed and bit my lips. His animalistic growl told me that he was far from done with me, so I turned off the water.
“Stay in that position. I’m about to fuck you like there’s no tomorrow!”

So, what did y’all think? This prompt was based off of Avril Lavigne’s “Love Me Insane”. I’ve become obsessed with her music, and her songs were the soundtrack for Blind and Broken, my latest book.
I’m sorry that I haven’t updated in a while, but a lot has been going on, and I hadn’t had the motivation to write. Here’s to hoping I can continue with the rest of these prompts! Love you all ❤

Dear Diary

Obscene Ideas

January 1, 2020
Today is New Year’s Day, and Mistress is having a party to celebrate the occasion. Yes, we partied last night, but Mistress loves to have a good time.
Mistress had a task for me this morning. We had some shopping to do to prepare for tonight, and these were her instructions:
“Baby girl, we have a few things to do today. I have a special accessory for you to wear while we’re out.”
I wondered what it could be. A new pair of vibrating panties? A pair of her dirty ones? When she left the room to allow me time to prepare, I opened the brown package. A hot pink butt plug sat in the silver lining, and I gasped. A bottle of lube sat next to the box, and my body hummed with excitement and fear. We were going out in public, and no one would be able to see my ass or what was inside of it, but I would feel it. Every step I took, every turn or bump the car made, when I sat down. With my heart thumping in my chest, I lubed up my pretty hole, and inserted the toy. As I dressed myself, I felt the weight of it, and I attempted to remain calm. I could do this for her!
She was ready, so with as much courage as I could muster, I pushed my shoulders back, held my head high, and walked out to meet Mistress. I wore a long-sleeved yellow V-neck shirt, red sweat pants, and my Timberland boots. Mistress stood by the door, waiting for me.
“Ready to go, sub?”
“Yes, Mistress.”
The ride to Walmart was boring and quiet, and sitting with a plug in my ass felt strange. I inhaled sharply when the plug moved inside of me, and became more nervous as we approached the store.
“You doing okay, baby girl?” Mistress asked as she swung her arm around my shoulders.
“Yeah,” I answered, my voice shaking.
We stepped inside of Walmart, and my heart began to race. The plug in my ass became heavier, or maybe, it was just me overreacting. I could feel people’s eyes on us as we held hands, the prejudice evident in their stares. I kept my head held high though as we shopped for food and alcoholic beverages, knowing that if I lowered it, Mistress would give me a lecture and a cold caning for “not facing everything head on.”
At the counter, the pretty cashier smiled at me, and I smiled back. Could she tell that Mistress was cupping the back of my neck where my collar fit just right? Could she tell that I was a bit clumsy and shaky because I had a toy shoved up my ass? Either way, the items were paid for, and we were back in the crisp January breeze
“Were you thinking of that woman? Did you think she could see how much of a dirty slut you are?” Mistress teased as I shakily climbed into the car. I could feel the plug, and my panties were starting to grow wet with my arousal.
“Yes, Mistress. I wondered if she could see you holding me by my collar.” I admitted, my face flushed.
We drove for a while, my mind elsewhere. As a reward for handling the shopping trip so well, Mistress allowed me to listen to my favorite pop station. Music made me feel relaxed and calm, and it was working…until we hit a bump. I gasped, and I heard Mistress’s sadistic laugh. She threw her head back so that I could see that she was having fun with making me squirm and moan.
“You wish I was fucking your tight little pussy with that red dildo you like so much? Oh no! You want the turquoise strap-on up your ass, is that it?”
“Fuck, Mistress! Stop!” I groaned, squeezing my legs together. An ache was starting to form between them. I did want all of those things!
“How about my tongue licking your pussy clean, my lips sucking hard on your clit? Or my feet being the one to cause you to combust?” Her laugh surrounded me, and I moaned loudly.
I focused on the music, the thumping beats and sweet melodies. I focused on my dream of becoming a singer, creating beautiful songs of love for Mistress. I opened my eyes a few minutes later, and gasped at the big sign: Calibal’s Mall.
“Let’s go, sub.”
The mall was large with many floors and stores. However, we stayed on the main one, perusing Macy’s and Shocker Shoes. While trying on a pair of red high heels, Mistress dropped a box right behind me, and bending over to pick it up, her head pressed into my ass, causing the plug to move inside of me. I inhaled deeply, my pussy clenching. Fuck! Turning around to face her, her eyes met mine, and the familiar spark between us ignited. No time to waste!
“Where is your bathroom, Sir?” Mistress asked the cashier at the counter as she held my hand tightly.
“In the back.” He answered, pointing to the back behind some display cases.
It felt like I was flying as we walked into the bathroom. A public restroom, and we were about to taint it with our dirty deeds. Pushing me into the stall, Mistress closed and locked the door. I had my shoes and pants off before she could blink, and her lips were on mine. I moaned softly into her mouth, and then, her hand was pushing me back against the wall.
“Spread your legs. Don’t make a sound.”
Fuck! I did as I was told, and she wasted no time plunging her fingers deep within me. I was already wet, and she didn’t seem to mind as she rubbed my clit with my juices on her fingers. I wanted to moan, scream, let her hear me, but she had given me an order. My orgasm was building, and I inhaled and exhaled. I didn’t want this to end!
“I know, honey,” she breathed into my ear. “Grab the plug, and move it in and out of that tight dirty hole.”
Her fingers didn’t stop, and I had no choice. I was so close, so I did as instructed. Oh My Gosh! The feeling was exquisite, and as her fingers pumped in and out of me, I did the same with the plug.
“You’re on the edge, aren’t you?” Her smile was everything to me.
“Mistress, may I please cum?” I whispered between gasps. Fuck!
“Yes, baby girl.”
With her fingers pressing into my G-spot, I moved the plug in and out, and I saw stars as I exploded all over her hand. My legs shook, and I slumped against the wall as her fingers continued to fuck me.
“You okay?” She asked as she kissed my lips.
“Mmmhmm.” I mumbled, attempting to stand.
Her arm went around my shoulders, and she pulled me into her embrace. I felt safe and comfortable, and knowing that she had just taken me to new heights with my orgasm thrilled me. She pulled the plug out of my ass, and I winced.
“Did you like that?”
“I did very much, Mistress.”
“Good. Would you do this task again?” She looked into my eyes then.
“Yes, I believe so. Your guidance and love pushes me to be a better sub and to reach new heights, Lady Leona. May I kiss your feet to show my adoration for you?”
“Yes, my beautiful sub.”
I got down on my knees, and licked the tops of Mistress’s boots. Kissing up and down each foot, I felt her hand caressing the back of my neck where my collar clasped.
“Time to go, baby girl.”
I completed the task, and Mistress was happy. While Mistress is napping, I need to get things set up for tonight, so I better be going. I can’t wait to sit at Mistress’s feet at dinner, proving to her friends that I’m an obedient sub.


Obscene Ideas

The bottle of the lube was on the nightstand. I knew what that meant for tonight. I had felt it when I went to retrieve my cup of water that he had left for me. Daddy was planning on using my body for his pleasure, and honestly, I was ecstatic. It’d been weeks since I last had an orgasm, but it was my own fault.
The rule was that after work, I was to come straight home. On this particular day however, I’d had a long day at work, and I just wanted to unwind with a few friends at Tommy’s, the hottest bar in Berkeley, California. I texted Daddy, telling him I’d be home soon. I must have underestimated the power of time, because when I checked my phone as I was stumbling into my friend, Jimmy’s, car, it was 7:00 p.m. I didn’t even bother texting again, because when I arrived home, I knew I would feel the wrath of Daddy. What could I say? I was a twenty-four-year-old who worked with the blind in a school setting, and I also worked for a private company, teaching underpriveliged teens Braille. I knew that Daddy could relax me with his loving embrace and a good paddling, but I just wanted to get out for a while. Since we were both blind, I couldn’t even sneak past him, because he heard the door open, even though I tried to quiet the squeaky hinges. His booming voice told me that I was in deep shit, and that’s how I ended up with a cold caning that night, and left to sleep alone on the couch with a stern order from Daddy.
“Don’t touch yourself until I give you permission. It could be a week, two, maybe even a month. Regardless, your orgasms belong to me, and you won’t cum until I say so!”

It had been torture, not being able to touch myself, while showering, while dressing myself, even while I was alone. There were times I grew hard, and there was that familiar ache, my balls tightening, my heart racing. However, there was nothing that I could do, Daddy was in control, and waking up this morning to find the bottle of lube excited me to no end. Would he make me wait a few more days? Would he fuck me tonight? Would he use a condom or fuck me raw? I squeezed my legs together, feeling my dick start to harden. Fuck! The familiar ding of my cellphone sounded, and I reached for it. VoiceOver announced Daddy’s name, and I smiled as his text was read aloud.
Daddy: I’ll be home in ten minutes. I want you ready and waiting for me. Have that ass prepped too.
I was too happy to oblige. I missed his terms of endearment and his kisses when we talked or texted, but I knew that it was all because I had broken our rule. I rose from the bed, and grabbing the lube from the nightstand, I headed into the bathroom to prepare for Daddy’s arrival.

The front door opened, and I heard his shoes being kicked off. He usually placed his bag on the couch, grabbed a beer, and sat on the couch to watch TV while I sat at his feet. All of that happened, but I wasn’t with him now. The volume of the comedy show was raised, and I heard his booming laugh. He wasn’t planning on moving from that couch anytime soon! My knees begged me to give them some relief from the hardwood floor that I was kneeling on, but I had to please Daddy. So, I waited. I wanted to think of all the ways he would punish or pleasure me, but I didn’t. Instead, I counted down from one-hundred, hoping he would walk in our bedroom at any moment.
The crushing of the can startled me, and I realized then that I had been slouching with my arms on my knees. I repositioned myself, and pushed my shoulders back as I heard his feet approaching the entrance. I closed my eyes, using my other senses to feel Daddy somewhere, anywhere. I could smell his cologne, so earthy, his body wash, so manly. Then, I felt him near me, the heat radiating from his body, his scent becoming more prominent. My Daddy! Pain seared the skin of my right shoulder as I felt his teeth, and I groaned loudly.
“Nathan, good to see you’ve followed directions for once,” he growled into my ear. “Stand and face me now.”
I complied immediately, and gasped when his hand grabbed my limp dick. Oh God! It was short-lived. His hands traveled up to my stomach, over my nipples, over my arms, and they stopped on my neck.
“Lean your head back, cock sucker.”
I did as I was told, his commanding tone causing my heart to beat faster. What was he going to do? His palm rested on my throat, and I froze. Pressing down lightly, I felt my heart lurch in my chest, and then, it became harder to breathe. I opened my eyes then as his hand pressed into my throat, and his other came down hard on my left cheek. I gasped as he let go of my neck, and another slap echoed around our bedroom.
“Why did you disobey me, boy?” His voice was harsh as he asked me, and I inhaled to calm myself.
“I just wanted..some..time, Daddy,” I stammered. “I just wanted to drink with my friends. I’m sorry for disobeying you, Daddy.”
“Sure you are, you dirty cock sucker! You want me to forgive you so that you can taste my creamy load, right? Or, do you want me to fill your tight little hole with my white cream? Which is it, slut?”
“Neither, Daddy,” I whined. “I’m genuinely sorry.”
“Lying will get you nowhere, fucker! Now, which is it?” He yelled.
“Both, Daddy.” Tears fell from my eyes, realizing the extent of my disobedience. He was pissed at me!
“Since you are a disobedient little cunt, I’m going to treat you as such. Bend over the bed now!”
With my heart hammering in my chest, I obeyed. Silence was all I could hear, had he left the room? What was he planning to do to me? I breathed in, and I could still smell him. Then, my front was pushed further into the bed by his rough hands.
“Count with me, fucker!” He growled, and I bit my bottom lip.
“Yes, Daddy.”
Without warning, the strikes landed on my ass and the backs of my thighs. I counted each one, the pain burning like a raging fire. I deserved it, I had fucked up. He was right, and I was wrong. I continued counting, attempting to control my tears. You are brave, you can do this! However, I didn’t feel brave at all. The pain was becoming unbearable, and as snot ran down my lips, I counted thirty. I just knew I would cave and use my safe word. I didn’t want to, I wanted to please Daddy. He was very skilled with canes, and it was a regular implement when it came to punishments. Cold caning was his favorite way to discipline me. The instrument of torture whooshed through the air, and I screamed. Fifty!
“Red! Daddy, I’m sorry. Fuck!”
The cane fell to the floor, and I collapsed into the pillows. Ow! My fucking ass! I had fucked up, I deserved this! Tears spilled onto the sheets as I bawled, feeling nothing but pain.
“Get up and stop acting like a fucking baby! You want this dick, don’t you?”
“Yes, Daddy.” I answered as I sniffled.
Breathing in and out to calm myself, I kneeled, my limbs and knees protesting. Everything hurt like hell, but for Daddy, I would do anything. I felt his wet fingers slide into my pre-lubed hole, and I gasped. He moved them in and out of me, my dick growing harder by the second. Then, I felt the familiar pressure, and I moaned.
“That asshole needs a nice fucking, and I’m going to pound you until you beg me to cum.”
In one swift motion, he was inside of my tight hole, fucking me hard. I moaned and screamed, my hard dick aching for release. I wanted his hands on it, stroking, squeezing, rubbing. His fingernails dug into my skin, pain and pleasure washing over me. Over and over, he hit spots within me that made me cry out, and I knew that he hadn’t let go of his anger over my disobedience. We were both releasing feelings, emotions, and pent-up energy, and in this moment as semen filled me, I vowed to do better in our dynamic. His hands caressed and massaged my sore ass, and I sighed in relief.
“Thank you, Daddy. I promise that I will follow directions and obey the rules.”
“Good, baby boy. Now, turn over so I can give you the release you’ve been craving for three weeks.”

A Good Punishment

Obscene Ideas

I knew he’d be waiting for me at the front door, his hands locked behind his back, his head bowed. He had failed to complete the house chores, and all because he had taken a nap! Ten minutes ago, I had texted him, telling him I’d be home soon. I couldn’t wait to punish him for fucking up.
Pulling the bag from the passenger’s seat, I slammed the door, hoping that the sound of my car would put him on alert. I took my time walking up the front steps and unlocking the door, the weight of what I had bought at Luscious Victory swinging from my left arm. My sub had never been interested in pegging, but after his ridiculous excuse earlier, I had to get this special toy.
I stepped inside. Turning to my right, I saw Dylan. His head was bowed, his lanky arms behind him, and his legs were spread. I walked past him, and placed down the bag and groceries. I then turned to face him.
“Sub, crawl to me now.” I said firmly, and I watched as he maneuvered his body in the direction of my voice.
Settling a few inches in front of me, he sat back on his heels, and I inhaled. I could smell the Dawn dish detergent on him, and I laughed.
“Oh, you tried to hurry and do the chores before I came home. You took a nap, and thought that hurrying to do them would make me forgive you? Not a chance, slut!”
I saw goosebumps rise on his arms as a shiver ran through him. He started to raise his head, but my hand came down upon his right cheek.
“Don’t even, boy!” I spat, coating my palm in saliva and swiping it across his left cheek. “To the bedroom, now!”
He whimpered, and I reached out and pinched both of his nipples with my long manicured fingernails. The hiss that escaped his throat made me smile, but he couldn’t see it.
“Y-yes, Mistress.” He gasped, and I turned my back on him to put away the groceries.

Placing the special package on the computer desk, I walked over to the bed and picked up the red wooden paddle. I wanted to cause him so much pain! Scraping my fingernails down both of his ass cheeks, I laughed as a low moan escaped his throat.
“Why are you being punished, slut?”
“Because I didn’t complete the chores in a timely manner, Mistress. I’m sorry.”
“You will be.”
Another low whimper fell from his lips, and I dug my fingernails into his ass, making him cry out.
“Fuck! Fuck!”
“What are your safe words, bitch boy?”
“Red and yellow, Mistress.” He answered as he whined.

Rubbing his ass cheeks, I smacked his left with the wooden paddle. Over and over, I hit, varying my strikes in intensity. I counted fifteen before I dropped the paddle and picked up the bamboo cane. I was a sadist, and this was my favorite impact implement.
“I want you to count the next twenty with me, apologizing after each strike. Got it, you dirty whore?”
“Yes, Mistress.” His answer was soft.

The bamboo cane in my right hand, I ran the implement across his ass cheeks and over his calves. I struck, and waited for his response.
“Sixteen. I’m sorry, Mistress.”
After the next two strikes, I rubbed his ass. I watched his arms straining against the red handcuffs, and I laughed. Caning wasn’t something that Dylan was fond of, but this punishment called for it. I expected everything done when I arrived home, and there was a pile of dishes soaking in soapy water, laundry sitting in the basket, and the bathtub still needed a good shining. I worked in customer service all day, and the last thing I wanted to do was come home to a dirty house. My sub had fucked up, and he was about to pay for it!
“I’m sorry, Mistress. Twenty!”

I heard the tears in his voice, but I could care less. With rapid succession, I caned him, his hiccups following but no words.
“Dylan, count!” I yelled, my nails raking down his ass and onto his balls.
“Aaaaaaah!” He yelled, his body lifting off the bed. “Twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four! I’m sorry, Mistress.”

His sniffles and hiccups didn’t phase me. We were almost nearing the end, and I wasn’t about to stop now. Five more strikes across the backs of his thighs, and he sniffled and cried as he responded with the appropriate words.
“We’re almost done, sub,” I told him, rubbing his back. “You’re doing so well.”

He wailed, and I allowed the cane to strike without any pauses. His cries filled the room, and I waited for him to respond.
“Thirty, thirty-one. Oh God, Mistress. Thirty-two, thirty-three. I’m sorry, thirty-four. Thirty-five. I’m so sorry, Mistress.”

Pushing the implements to the side, I told him to kneel with his ass out. I walked over to the bag, taking out the red dildo and harness. It was seven inches of silicone, and just the perfect size.
His cries had became sniffles, and I smiled to myself as I squirted a generous amount of lube into my palm. With my free hand, I massaged his now sore ass.
“How are you doing, baby boy?”
“I’m okay, Mistress. I’m so sorry.”
“Shhhh, honey. It’s okay.” I said as I ran my wet fingers down between his ass cheeks.
“Mistress?” He sounded hesitant.
“Don’t worry, love. I’ve got you.”

I could feel him relax as I slid my fingers inside of him. With my free hand, I reached between his legs to find his rigid dick, and I squeezed and stroked it slowly while fingering his asshole. He moaned, and I continued to tease him. Running the dildo across his ass cheeks, I waited. Having a blind submissive gave me a chance to play with him, not to make fun but as a guessing game. He didn’t seem to mind, and it kept our dynamic interesting.
“Feels rubbery. Is it a dildo?” He asked in shock.
“Yes, sub.”
“Are you gonna fuck me with that?”
“Yes, I am. Any objections?”

Silence surrounded us as his thoughts took over. I knew that he was hesitant about this, but I felt like this would bring us both pleasure after such an arduous day.
“I trust you, Mistress.” I heard him exhale, and I smiled.
“You have safe words, use them if you need to.”

I rubbed his back up and down to calm him. Fingering his asshole again, I held his ass cheeks apart, holding him open and exposed. My wet fingers caressing his balls, I pressed the tip into his well-lubed hole. He tensed, and I told him to relax or else it would hurt more. Pushing deeper, I continued to caress his balls and dick as the dildo slid inside.
“Fuck! Mistress! Fuck! Fuck!”

I rubbed his back once more, and realizing that I was nearly inside of him, I felt my clit pulse. Pulling out and inserting it back in again, I stilled, then repeated the action. He was opening up for me, and I slid my way inside, his scream echoing around us. I moved slowly, fucking his tight little asshole and caressing and squeezing his balls. He moaned and yelled, my clit throbbing when I pushed into him. The friction from the harness was making my thighs wet with my arousal, and I moaned. I was a huge fan of cock and ball torture, so I spanked his ass while I hit his balls. Deeper and deeper, I fucked him, our moans filling the air.
“Mistress,” he gasped. “I’m so close. Aaaah, right there! Fuck! Mistress, may I please cum?”
“Yes, you may, baby boy. Let them hear you. Bust that nut for me, you filthy whore!”

My vulgar words and the pacing of my thrusts pushed him over the edge. I felt his creamy cum as it cascaded down my hand, and pumping into him a few more times, I came too, my moans louder than his.
Sighing, I pulled out of him slowly, and he winced. I stepped out of the harness, letting the dildo fall to the floor. Pushing the implements onto the carpet, I climbed into bed with Dylan.
“I’m sorry for not obeying you, Mistress. I will never choose a nap over my duties again. You are a goddess, and if I am allowed, I’d like to show my affection and adoration by kissing your feet. May I?”
“You may, sub. You have pleased me, baby boy. I’m glad that you have learned your lesson, but the chores still need to be completed tonight.”

This was a fun little exercise. I could see myself developing this into something much longer. Poor Dylan, haha! What did y’all think of this? ❤ 🙂

‘Blindly in Love’ by Kelanie Black —BOOK REVIEW

This is a well-written review! Glad someone sees who Dante really is!


About ‘Blindly in Love’ by Kelanie Black::

Genre: Erotica; BDSM

Blind from birth, Dante is his own worst enemy.
Adrift in life, Cassidi is looking for more.
Both of them are looking for happiness in all the wrong places… until they meet at The Red Lair. Sparks fly and inner darkness will come to light as these two learn who they are to each other, and to themselves.

I really love the story’s messages about disability, depression, and all the troubles that come with. It starts off with the normal setup of characters and their environment: A blind man and average woman who both live with their families and share a common interest: BDSM. Admittedly, when the first conflict of the story happened, I wasn’t entirely sure what to think. A big part of that, I think, was how the author decided to portray the personality of Dante (the…

View original post 455 more words

Bonus Snippet

I told y’all it was coming! Blind and Free is my favorite book in The Red Lair series, and I HAD to write this scene between Joseph and Jakita. They are dealing with some pretty serious stuff here, and it broke my heart having to write this. Well, here it goes:

We were sitting in Jakita’s living room. The house was dark and quiet, and I kept my eyes down as I waited for her to speak. Our return from The Red Lair had only been a few minutes prior.
“Joseph,” she started, and my heart hammered in my chest. She used my real name, which meant something was coming. “While I appreciate you telling me about Tyberius tonight, I have to punish you. Refusing to play was disrespectful to me, and as your Mistress, I have a reputation to uphold. I want you kneeling and waiting in the playroom in five minutes. Don’t make me…”
“No!” I snapped, throwing my hands up. “Mistress, please. I have been through enough, okay? You have treated me like shit for a month now, and I’m sick of it. I can’t take this!”
“Excuse me? The more you open your mouth, the more I want to beat you into submission!” I looked into her eyes, and saw the dark pupils. Her arms were folded across her chest, and she was looking straight ahead.
“This is not right!” I jumped up, walking towards the front door. “As my Mistress, you are supposed to help me grow. When I disobey, you are supposed to punish me, and I am to accept it and learn from it. I have not felt like your sub, Jakita. You are taking your anger about your newfound blindness out on me, and it’s not safe or healthy for our dynamic.”

Tears flowed down my cheeks, and I turned, my hand on the doorknob. Looking back, I saw her entire body tense. What was about to happen?
“Sub, I’m not going to tell you again. Upstairs, now!”
“I will not allow you to hurt me anymore,” I said, opening the front door. “I have respected you, taken orders, been at your side through everything, but I’ve also taken your abuse for too long. You know my background, Mistress. This isn’t healthy for me.”

Silence surrounded the open living room. I could feel the tension between us, but no one spoke. Pulling open the front door, I waited for her to react.
“I’ll miss you, but I knew that this was coming.” I spoke quietly. “You need to heal properly, and I can’t be your punching bag while you do. I’m sorry, Mistress. I love you, but this is no longer safe for me.”

Tears blinded me as I stepped outside. Sliding in the slick ice and snow, my feet carried me to my car, pushing me forward. Once inside, I collapsed onto the seat, my chest constricting with pain. She hadn’t called after me, but her power was no longer hers. The blindness controlled her, and as I started the car, I realized that our dynamic was nothing more than abuse. She tried to step back into the role of Mistress, but she was consumed with fear, anger, and sadness for her new situation. She had lost sight of what it was like to be in control of a person’s well-being and desires, and I leaned my head on my arm as thoughts of the abuse filled my head.


He had walked away from me after I gave him a command! I leaned back against the couch, letting out a breath. His words hadn’t sunk in yet, probably because I was still angry with his disobedience. How could he walk out like that?
I couldn’t even apologize for what had happened over this past month. All I knew was that I couldn’t return to The Red Lair, not anytime soon. I had beaten Joseph twice in my place of business, and my friends were starting to worry. Safe words had gone out the window since our first public scene, and while caning him, all I could feel was Robert’s hands around my neck, Joseph’s hand as he brushed my hair away from my face, and the white cane that kept eyes on me. I could no longer look into the eyes of my submissives as they begged, pleaded, and cried. I could no longer see their skin turning red, tears falling freely from their eyes, or their lips tremble. Who said that I could continue to live the life of a Mistress? They say that dominance is not about what you wear or how you act, but about who you are on the inside. I was a mess, both inside and out, and I hadn’t seen any of my other submissives. My blindness and my dynamic with Joseph hadn’t left me with much time to play, but I was sure that I wouldn’t be playing anytime soon. Pain is all I knew, and Joseph was right. I was a danger to myself and others, and as that realization set in, I closed my blind eyes, allowing the pain to consume me.

Update on Life and Books

Welcome back readers!
This past year has been filled with trying times for everyone, and it seems as if we’re almost on the other side, Lord willing! This past year for me brought about many changes, some bad, but I am grateful for the good things that came out of 2020. First, I mentioned in my last blog post that I graduated May 29th of last year, but a few days ago, I found out that we will be having a ceremony to celebrate our graduation! 🙂 I’m so excited that the graduates will be celebrated.
I also moved into my own apartment, which has been something that I’ve dreamed about for a while now. Columbus, Ohio is my home and has been since high school, and I’m grateful that I get to live here. Things have started improving since moving, and I can only thank God, because He is the one blessing me.
Now, let’s talk about books!

The Red Lair Series

My last post was about Blind and Bound, and I prefaced Blind and Free. This story is emotional, intense, empowering, and heartbreaking at times, and I feel like it shows my storytelling better than in the last two books. Jakita is the Head Mistress of The Red Lair, a dominatrix by profession, and is used to getting what she wants. Joseph’s home life leaves him feeling lost, bruised, and battered. After a horrific accident robs Jakita of her sight, Joseph steps in to make things easier, but will she allow him to help her?? Will helping this mistress give him the courage and freedom he needs to escape his abusive and alcoholic father?
This book was a rollercoaster emotionally, and I had to take mental health days off from writing. I admire Jakita’s strength in this book, and Joseph’s as well. They both overcame tough situations, and they had each other. This book is my favorite out of The Red Lair series, because of the fact that there is a dominant woman in the story.
Blind and Free
I had planned to take some time off from writing to promote my other books, but a friend urged me forward, wanting another story in the series. Two weeks later, Blind and Broken was finished, and I’m excited to share this emotional story with you all. There are twists and turns in this book as well, but I’m sure you will love it!

Sweet and Frosty

This book was published in December of 2020, and it was a fun collection to write! I wanted something that readers could read while cuddling with their partners, or sitting alone on a couch drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies, or watching the snow fall on a cold winter’s day. The title, Sweet and Frosty: Tales of The Cold, Wise, and Loving, came from the three winter holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I also did a word play on “cold” for dominants, and the three things that I associated with them in that moment: their sometimes cold demeanor, their wisdom, and how loving they can be.
This is a collection of six stories with the holidays present in each story. LGBTQIA+ themes are present within this book, and I am so proud of myself for branching out. Normally, I’d just stick to gay stories, but I decided to try my hand at lesbian erotica, and surprisingly, it turned out well! I support gay rights wholeheartedly, and that’s why each LGBTQ-themed story is in pairs of two. I hope you’ll enjoy this quick but fun read! 😛
Sweet and Frosty

Final Thoughts

Thanks for taking the time to read! My next blog post will be a bonus snippet. It’s based off of a scene from Blind and broken, and shhhh, don’t tell them that I told you, but Jakita and Joseph are having problems.
Love you all!

Book 2 of The Red Lair Is Here!

Welcome back!

May 29th was a day full of joy, not only because I had officially graduated with my Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology, but because my third book, Blind and Bound, was published. I had fun writing the next part of The Red Lair series. Not only have I grown to love my characters, but I feel like I’ve gotten comfortable with writing about blindness. I love seeing the development of my characters as they deal with their problems. ❤

About The Book

This story follows Jenny and Cyrus through their relationships, their experiences with BDSM, and their trials. Jenny is a 21-year-old girl who is in a relationship where her partner doesn’t support the lifestyle. Cyrus is a 29-year-old workaholic whose family has disowned him because of his interests. After Cyrus promises Jenny one night of exploration, will they be able to let go to please their loved ones? Or will their desire for one another be what binds them in the end?

My Thoughts

I knew that I wanted this book to be different than Blindly In Love. I wanted the characters to be different, and that’s why I made their conflicts more complex. This book also features two blind characters. I wanted to see if I could pull it off: writing from two different perspectives, two different worlds, with both being blind. Not going to spoil it, but I will say that Cyrus’s family is a prime example of how the sighted world should be more aware. As I mentioned in my last post, there is stigma surrounding the disabled and sex, and my goal with writing these books is that people will see that disability has no effect on a person living their life.

I hope y’all enjoyed this read, and I’m hoping everyone is staying safe and healthy.


A New Perspective

Hey all!

It’s been a while, I know! However, I didn’t come here to update you on my life. I’m here because my second book is PUBLISHED! I’m so proud of this book and what it represents. Themes of the book include blindness, romance, and a bit of BDSM.

About The Book

Dante Woods is a 22-year-old dominant who is blind. He is criticized by his family because of this and his weight, so he plays women due to his lack of self-esteem. Cassidi is a 22-year-old submissive who has had bad luck with relationships. She thinks that sex is the way to love. When they meet at The Red Lair, which is the hottest BDSM club in Columbus, Ohio, will they fall in love or will their problems be too much for each other? I won’t reveal anything else, but if this summary has hooked you, I’d suggest grabbing a copy.

Why Blindness?

As mentioned before in a previous post, I am blind. No, this book wasn’t written about me, but I wanted to shine some light on disabilities and sex. There is a stigma about disabled people and their abilities. As you will see with Dante in Blindly In Love, his family doesn’t understand his blindness and they don’t try to. Blindness, along with other disabilities, isn’t something to be afraid of. We are people just like you, our eyes just don’t work. I’m hoping that this book will open people’s eyes to what it’s like being blind, and allow questions to come to light. Yes, I am asking you all to ask questions about blindness, what it’s like, etc. No question is too stupid or dumb, and I am not ashamed of my disability.
Okay, the moment y’all have been waiting for! Enjoy the book, and please, question me! I’d love to educate those who are curious!


Hi all! I am coming to you with awesome news:

My book is finally published! TBH, I didn’t think I would make it to this point, and well, here I am. On May 30, I hit the PUBLISH button, and I waited impatiently for the email notification. When I received it, I knew I had to tell someone, but who first? Should I share it on Facebook, then send it to the important people in my contacts? I did it all, sharing it to certain places, and all the while, feeling floaty and on cloud 9. The amount of “congratulations” was overwhelming, so much so that when I traveled by plane two days later to visit my boyfriend, it still didn’t feel real.

About The Book

When You Feel It features stories of different dynamics within the BDSM lifestyle, but it’s not just about the sex for these characters. It focuses on the love, trust, pleasure, and strength that a relationship within the lifestyle has. There are six stories of varying lengths, but I promise you that each story will keep you coming back for more!

Final Thoughts

It was a pleasure to write, so I hope you all enjoy it!

Here is the link to the book, and if you feel so compelled after reading, please leave a review on Goodreads and Amazon. Thanks for the support!