Berganza prize for word artist andreas ulich

Berganza prize for word artist andreas ulich

Andreas ulich works as a freelance actor, reciter, copywriter, designer and publisher. "He is a real word artist", as barbara kahle, first chairwoman of the bamberg art association, described at the berganza award ceremony in the villa concordia. But the usually eloquent actor, who in 1993 was sent to the e.T.A.-the first alligator to make his way to the hoffmann theater and thus to bamberg, was speechless at the end of the ceremony and struggled for words. Above all, he confessed, the laudation – held by GAL city councilor and friend ursula sowa – had moved him emotionally.

Ursula sowa gave an insight into the life of the artist and revealed many an unknown side of the berlin-born artist. "When a spontaneous thought occurs to andreas ulich at night, it can happen that he turns on the bedside lamp, makes notes and then continues to sleep", reported sowa. Although the artist sometimes regrets that he is not as ingenious in writing and poetry as E.T.A. Hoffmann, but he was able to write one or two pages a day. Andreas ulich earns his money among other things as an advertising copywriter. "He is all the more pleased, as he confessed to me, about the berganza prize, because it will give him more time to devote to his favorite pastime, writing", said sowa.

Regular readings

Although he is known to many bambergers through his role as E.T.A. Hoffmann in rainer lewandowski's play "you're not a bamberger either" is known, andreas ulich is currently not active as an actor. However, it is not impossible that he will tread the stage boards of a theater again, says the laudator. Currently ladt ulich every first sunday of the month in the E.T.A. Hoffmann house at 5 p.M. For readings with music, and also his first novel "zwei raben" (two ravens) was published a few weeks ago.

And what else is there to say about the word artist?? According to ursula sowo, he also likes to be alone, loves jogging in nature and adores his wife doris, who is his "clam for everything be. In addition, the prize-winner publishes horbuch books and, as a lenten preacher, has been reading the riot act to many a bamberg resident for some years now.

Congratulations also came from the mayor christian lange (CSU). The celebration was accompanied by music from nadine and eduard resatsch.

The berganza prize is awarded annually by the bamberg art association in cooperation with the VR bank to a person or institution in the city of bamberg involved in the arts or culture who stands out for quality, passion, idealism, selflessness, single-mindedness, intensive work, persistent pursuit of a goal and belief in their task. The prize has been awarded since 1989 and is endowed with 4000 euros.

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