Bbc coburg in the prob:: from teachers, models and tank attendants

Bbc coburg in the prob:: from teachers, models and tank attendants

In the past few months, many sites in the prob basketball league have also been fighting for survival. How many clubs will have to withdraw their teams for economic reasons was unclear for a long time, so the league went through different scenarios in the summer. A nationwide trial with 20 teams or even two seasons with eight or ten teams were discussed, but in the end it remained with the preserved league mode with two seasons (north and south) and twelve teams each. BBC coburg is entering its fourth consecutive season in germany's third-highest division and will have to do without a french derby for the first time, as the baunach young pikes and s. Oliver wurzburg withdrawn from the trial. The chances of achieving the rough litter, the medium-term goal of advancing to the proa in coburg, seem better than ever before. New in the league are EPG baskets koblenz and arvato college wizards karlsruhe (both promoted) as well as the dresden titans, who moved from the northern division back to the southern division.

Basketball journalist martin vogel, who has also been the BBC coburg's press officer since 2019, ventures a table forecast for the tageblatt newspaper. On table position 1 of the main round he predicts – not completely unbiased – the BBC coburg. Eight of the twelve teams make it into the play-offs, the teams up to rank 4 play in the 1st round. Round home.

2. EPG baskets koblenz "koblenz has put together a super squad with a lot of money. The problem could be that despite all the individually strong players, there is still only one ball. Although they have been promoted, they have changed their coach and are now relying on the former coach of their second team, who is active at this level for the first time"

Player in focus: "brian butler came from proa league team kirchheim and is definitely the best german athlete in the league. The BBL-dunk-contest-winner of 2017 always wants to go to the basket with all his might, we have to try to stop that. His throwing is rather shaky."

3. White wings hanau "in hanau there was a big change in personnel in the summer, among other things the coaching team is new. Remained at least captain till-joscha jonke, a very versatile player. A reunion with the ex-coburg player matthias fichtner. Whether it's enough for the big one, the promotion, I doubt, but the white wings are definitely a play-off team, maybe even with home advantage."

Player in focus: "omari knox was signed just a few days ago, had last played in oberhaching. The u.S. Player is incredibly experienced and one of the best crunch-time players in the league."

4. Fraport skyliners juniors "the frankfurt farmteam has entered an incredible number of players. It will be interesting to see whether joshua bonga, the 15-year-old brother of nba player isaac bonga, will get any minutes yet. Guys like len schoormann and bruno vrcic have already gained experience in the bundesliga. Of all the farm teams, i see frankfurt as having the strongest talent pool. Exciting: with konstantin konga, a player from the BBL team is co-coach here."

Player in focus: "bruno vrcic was captain of bayern's junior bundesliga team in 2019 and was named most valuable player of the final four. In the preparation for the frankfurt first league team, he scored 30 points in the test game against wurzburg."

5. Arvato college wizards karlsruhe "for the fact that the karlsruhe college wizards are heiben, they are already relatively old with their age average of 25. There are only two players under 22 in the squad, one of them is the ex-coburg player moritz bar. However, he is out for at least the first three league games with a hand fracture. The experienced karlsruhe team has play-off potential."

Player in focus: "rouven roessler is a good friend of mine, i know him from my time in gieben. It's unbelievable what he can still do at almost 40 years old. If he had exploited his full potential, he would have made it to a top german club in the past. He only plays basketball on the side, he is now the leaseholder of a tank court."

6. Gieben 46ers rackless "the prob team was on the brink of collapse due to corona, but in the end the efforts paid off. The squad is young and relatively thin, but with ex-national player johannes lischka and two import players it has a certain quality."

Player in focus: "21-year-old big man tim uhlemann put up about 8 points and 4 rebounds per game last season and has already seen minutes in the BBL team. He now has to make the step to become a leading player."

7. Dresden titans "after a year in the north division, dresden is back in the prob sud and definitely raises the quality in the league. The titans bring in tremendous bigs at the center position with georg voigtmann (2.13 meters), ex-coburg player max von der wippel (2.06) and aaron kayser (2.05). With the loss of eric palm, dresden has lost its top scorer, which must be absorbed as a team."

Player in focus: "georg voigtmann, brother of national player johannes, has played an outstanding season with 15 points and ten rebounds on average and now has to prove that this was not a flash in the pan and that he has what it takes to play in a higher league."

8. BIS baskets speyer "last year speyer still had the oldest squad in the league, but this has now changed somewhat after a change in the lineup. Nevertheless, with tim schwartz (32) and marc liyanage (30), there are still players 'in their prime'. Speyer's performance in the run-up to the tournament has been mixed."

Player in focus: "on good days, tim schwartz is one of the best players in the league with his incredible experience. The 32-year-old, who brings a lot of first league experience with him, can be controlled at most, but never eliminated. I take my hat off to him because he works full time as a teacher."

9. FC bayern munchen II "with an average age of just under 19, the bavarians have once again become significantly younger. With captain viktor frankl-maus and jannick jebens, two experienced players were relinquished; the oldest player is now ex-coburg player dino dizdarevic (25). New coach andi wagner, who will still be the NBBL coach in 2019/20, brings experience with him. The squad, however, lacks the routine to continue to play at the top. I see bayern in the bottom third of the table."

Player in focus: "19-year-old guard jason george has grown a few more inches in the past few months, now 2 meters tall. He is already in the first bayern squad, i see him as a bundesliga player in the long run."

10. TSV oberhaching tropics "oberhaching is a likeable team and once again has only one goal this year: to stay in the league. The team consists of professionals who just want to gamble a little bit. But that is also a problem. Ferdinand kleber, for example, brother of nba star maxi, has a new job and is now only available as a standby player."

Player in focus: "26-year-old newcomer joris ortega was trained in limoges and was even in the french championship team in 2015 – without having played, however. If you want to see beautiful people on the parquet, you've come to the right place. He plans to work as a model in munich on the side."

11. Orange academy ulm "the biggest change in ulm: with the recently opened orange campus, the team has a new hall. The squad is loaded with talent, with an average age of just 19 years old. These players will make mistakes again and again, which will lead to the fact that the ulm team will lose games, which they actually already had in hand. "

Player in focus: "20-year-old nat-sidi diallo is a german junior national player and will be used as a wing player despite his 2.08 meter body size. He is a brutally strong rebounder. He will make a big leap this season."

12. Basketball lowen erfurt "the new coach is well known in the area. It is the lette uvis helmanis, from 2002 to 2006 player in bamberg. With miles osei and leo saffer, the erfurt team also brought in two players from baunach. Overall, the team has very little experience and will have a hard time staying in the league."

Player in focus: "ricky price played a decent season in the proa in dresden three years ago. He brings quality, but has to take a lot of responsibility on his shoulders."

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