Attempted murder with car: man sentenced to ten years in prison

attempted murder with car: man sentenced to ten years in prison

He deliberately hit his ex-girlfriend with his car in order to kill her: a 47-year-old man has been sentenced to ten years in prison for attempted murder at trier regional court.

He acted insidiously and took advantage of the victim’s guilelessness and defenselessness, said presiding judge petra schmitz. The german from mettlach in saarland had "waylaid" the woman at the end of november 2018 in taben-rodt (rhineland-palatinate) on the way to her workplace and then hit her head-on at speed 30 with the intention of killing her.

The woman, who also lives in mettlach, suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries. She still suffers physically and psychologically from the consequences today. She is still unable to work. "Her life changed completely from one day to the next," said sidebar prosecutor hanna kullmann about the victim. "She is still afraid today."

Motive for the crime was "a deep illness" of the man, said schmitz. The two had a love affair for over seven years. However, the man had also been together with a life-threatening woman – in other words, he was living in a double relationship. The woman had broken up with him five months before the crime because she wanted to be with him officially, not just have an affair.

The man from saarlander also suffered psychologically from the crash. He got depression and sleeping disorders. When she entered into a new relationship, he was deeply disturbed. "He wanted to get rid of the problem once and for all by killing her," said schmitz. The 47-year-old’s defense attorney filed an appeal.

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