At 3.40 o’clock the cell phone is missing the most

At 3.40 o'clock the cell phone is missing the most

The experiment initiated by tageblatt and radio eins, which was launched on monday in class 8b of the CO I secondary school, is called "a week without a cell phone". For most students, however, the title was "a week without a smartphone" correct. With a smartphone, you can do a lot more than just make phone calls – and miss a lot more too. The chat on the internet about. With sabrina lang it is different. The moderator of radio eins also gave up her cell phone for a week – and really a herkommliche cell phone.

The loss holds itself perhaps also therefore so far rather in limits. "It might be different with a smartphone," she says, she admits. On the other hand, sabrina lang was likely to hold on to some of the familiar things even when the very latest technology took hold of her. "I use, for example, a very traditional paper calendar", she says "and i have most of my appointments in my head anyway!"

Sabrina lang, however, is currently missing one task that is usually performed by her cell phone: waking up in the morning or night. "I hate traditional alarm clocks with their shrill sound", explains sabrina lang. She prefers to set a gentle melody on her cell phone – at 3.40 o’clock! Finally starts at 6 o’clock on radio one the morning show "hellwach". Sabrina lang also revealed that – normally – she likes to snooze after the first wake-up call-button prints, in other words: the cell phone gives up and answers again in ten minutes. Your current replacement alarm clock can not.

But salvation is already in sight for sabrina lang and all the students of 8b: today and tomorrow are still to be endured – then it’s the weekend – and on monday the cell phones will be back again!

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