Art night in hammelburg

Art night in hammelburg

The former department store on the market square has already proven several times how good it is as an exhibition venue. The hammelburg group "art united uses the space probably for the last time to present works of regional artists.

The nearly 30 participants have once again set themselves a special task. They were to be inspired by three works of impressionism. "We have left it open how the theme will be implemented. Style and technique is left to the participants", says maria heckmann from "art united". The task demanded a lot of the participants’ skills, as their colleague barbara winter explains.

Three works were chosen as a source of inspiration: the "freistunde im amsterdamer waisenhaus" (free hour at the amsterdam orphanage) by max liebermann "the card players by paul cezanne and "sunhole in the mist by claude monet. The preliminary images were chosen in the group, as well as the theme. "There were several things to discuss", says winter.

The artists have each approached the theme in their own way. In some works, the echoes of the originals are obvious. Other works, on the other hand, take up the motif in order to distance it from the original form of representation. For example, ulrike gubik interprets claude monet’s "sun hole in the mist" to a mobile um, a "mo(net)bile".

The exhibition "impressionism – rediscovered" will be opened within the framework of the art night. On saturday, 19. May, there is even more art on display: wooden sculptures in the garden of the red castle as well as paintings and sculptures in the rinecker house. In addition, the amateur play group spectaculum shows a performance at the viehmarkt (farmers’ market).

All works will be exhibited beyond the art night. "I think it is important that artists can present themselves for a long time", says maria rinecker. She looked for suitable artists for the gallery spaces in her house and for the palace garden. She looks, for example, in social networks, she explained.

The palace garden serves as exhibition venue for the second time. It has been well received over the past year, and is finally open every day.

It is now the third art night. The series of events has thus established. And it is to be continued, as the responsible persons of "art united" say regardless of whether the department store will be available next time or not. "It is a pity about the rooms, but we will surely find something again", says heckmann.

Exhibition venues the art night will be held on saturday, 19. May, from 19 to 24 o’clock. The event will begin at 7 pm with the opening of the exhibition "impressionism – rediscovered" in the former marketplace department store. From 20 o’clock sebastian bach presents under the title "views and abysses" his wooden sculptures in the garden of the red castle. The amateur dramatic group spectaculum performs between 20.30 and 22.30 o’clock "living pictures at the cattle market. From 21 o’clock is the exhibition "attention! Color" paintings and sculptures by berthold schurger on display in the rinecker house.

Opening hours the exhibitions can also be seen beyond the art night. "Impressionism – rediscovered is from 19. May to 8. July open on saturdays from 10 a.M. To 2 p.M. And on sundays and holidays from 2 p.M. To 6 p.M. The sculptures of sebastian bach are on display until 8. July in the castle garden. They are accessible daily from 8 am. To 19. July berthold schurger exhibits his paintings and sculptures in the rinecker house. The house is open on thursdays from 11 am to 8 pm and on sundays and holidays from 11 am to 8 pm – with the exception of the 24. June and 15. July – accessible to those interested in art.

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