Appointment emergency in upper franconia

Appointment emergency in Upper Franconia

Torsten ernstberger

the upper franconian district committee of the bavarian fubball association reacts to the many weather-related cancellations and the resulting lack of dates for catch-up games with an exceptional regulation.
So now between the penultimate (13. May) and the last match day (19. May) a make-up date can be set. Until now, the principle was that the games on the last two days of the season had to be played at the same time throughout the league.
If this option does not solve the scheduling problem, parts can also be transferred to the 1. May can be moved. Kickoff should be at 11 a.M., so as not to compete with the cup games on that day.
In addition, the district committee is offering a third possibility: in order to ease the tightly packed match calendar, the last match day can be postponed to whit monday (21. May). A season extension is also possible, but this must be decided unanimously within the counties.
"We will intensively discuss the possibilities offered by the district", says gerd rieb, group game director in circle 1 (bamberg/bayreuth/ kulmbach). "It is important for us to have the clubs on board." The district match committee has therefore already set meeting dates. The clubs from the bayreuth/kulmbach area will meet on friday (7 p.M.) in the gymnasium of TSV trebgast, those from the bamberg/steigerwald area on saturday (10 a.M.).30 o'clock) at the RSC oberhaid.

Clubs reach their limits

"It is clear: due to the many game failures, the clubs have reached the limits of their possibilities", says rieb. The weidenberger clarifies that a season extension is currently only possible for the district class abwarts. The district league must adhere to the framework calendar, as the relegation with the district league teams was pending.
"In the long term, however, we may have to rethink and detach the district league from the county league", says rieb. However, this is only possible if the relegation rules are reformed. The district league champions would remain eligible for promotion, while the runners-up would have to be guaranteed another promotion spot, which they would then play out among themselves.

Differentiated game schedule

"Moreover, the question must be allowed, why the season at the district level ends in the middle of may and match dates in the warm month of june are dispensed with", says rieb. "Therefore, we must talk in general about the framework calendar." It has been shown this season that in the fichtelgebirge and in the frankenwald from mid november to mid march no fubball was to be thought of, but in other areas of circle 1 the fields were playable during this time.
Rieb proposes differentiated game schedules that are tailored to the regions. A separation of the district in the match schedule into the areas bayreuth/kulmbach as well as bamberg is conceivable for him. Smaller leagues are also an option. "But we won't make a decision without the approval of the clubs," he says, says rieb.

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