Alliance calls for 30-minute intervals

alliance calls for 30-minute intervals


A broad, non-partisan alliance of initiatives and individuals is petitioning the bavarian state parliament for the wiesenttalbahn as an attractive local transport system from forchheim to ebermannstadt and on to french switzerland. The core demands of the petition are the introduction of a 30-minute frequency in the short term, an attractive design of the stops, optimal links between rail and bus, and in the medium term the extension of regular local rail passenger transport (SPNV) into the upper wiesent valley. The latter serves above all to relieve the city of ebermannstadt from through traffic, he said at a press conference in the "schwanenbrau.

Among the initiators are lisa badum (bundnis 90/die grunen), member of the bundestag forchheim, and christiane meyer, mayor of ebermannstadt . The citizens' initiative "pro wiesenttal ohne ostspange" (biwo) supports the action alliance, as do the verkehrsclub deutschland ( VCD ), the allgemeine deutsche fahrradclub ( ADFC ), transition forchheim, the movement okologische region frankische schweiz (bor) and the energy and climate alliance forchheim.

The alliance was also initiated by county council members christian kiehr, matthias striebich and elisabeth krause. Lisa badum , climate expert of her parliamentary group, stated: "the shift of traffic to public transport must take place much faster and more comprehensively than before. The expansion of rail as a climate-friendly and attractive alternative to motorized individual transport is one of the priority measures in the wiesent valley as well."

"Construction of the east bypass unnecessary"

As badum went on to explain, the potential of french-speaking switzerland could be exploited with rail transport not only for environmental protection, but also to promote tourism. Mayor meyer emphasized the essential importance of the railroad line for ebermannstadt . "A significant improvement is absolutely necessary to achieve a better quality of life in the wiesent valley through better connections and relief from traffic," she made clear.

Guido rasek of the citizens' initiative pro wiesenttal ohne ostspange emphasized that the expansion of the rail line is necessary in order to create an attractive alternative to car traffic and thus to provide the urgently needed relief for the wiesenttal valley from car traffic. From the point of view of the citizens' initiative, this makes the construction of the eastern bypass, with its considerable negative consequences for the environment, nature, people, agriculture and the climate, unnecessary. Dieter hoch (bor), who also represented the bund naturschutz (BN), calls for an extension to the behringersmuhle terminus, which must become the bruckenkopf for train traffic to the whole of french switzerland. Not only as far as streitberg.

"We are of the opinion that a bus service must start even before the construction work on the track is completed. This would have the advantage that weilersbach and russenbach would also be connected," said rolf hornlein from the VCD . Matthias striebich, a transportation expert in the district council, explained the reasons why the petition is addressed to the state parliament and focuses on a 30-minute interval. "The free state of bavaria is responsible for ordering local rail services and can order the 30-minute interval and at the same time lobby the federal government for the necessary expansion of the infrastructure."The initiators do not accept that the current passenger figures for a 30-minute interval are too low, because they are a consequence of the current service. "If you have to wait up to 50 minutes for the train, both by car and by train, with a journey time of a good 20 minutes, you will naturally only take the train if you absolutely have to," says striebich.

"The railroad is located in the catchment area of the metropolitan region of nurnberg and connects towns and communities with a total population of around 15,000 people over a distance of only about 15 kilometers. For such an environment, an hourly service is not an adequate offer," added his district council colleague christian kiehr.

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