All hands full

It was definitely carp fishing weather – the anglers who took part in this year’s king’s angling of the sommerach angling club agreed on that. A whole series of participants were successful.

One youngster and 17 adults took part in the jubilee fishing trip: for the 20. For the first time the king fishing took place at the anglersee. At 6.30 o’clock the competition began and lasted until 11 o’clock.30 o’clock. Water warden dittmar henkelmann explained why the anglers were so successful this time: "in the early morning we had fog on the water, there was no wind and the water is still relatively warm at this time of year. These are the best conditions to catch carp."

Around noon, the petrijunger then came one by one to weigh their caught fish. The biggest carp with 3200 grams was caught by stefan heinrich, who is the new angling king of sommerach for one year. He was followed in second place by harald venor with a 3000-gram carp, and third place went to pankraz bohm with his 2900-gram carp. Fourth place went to marco singer with two smaller carp.

Michael singer had competed in the youth category without any competition – his result was impressive even if he had had competitors for the title of youth king: the newly crowned youth angler was very proud of his carp weighing 2500 grams. Dittmar henkelmann thanked all participants of the king fishing and wished for the future petri heil.

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