Afd politician jorg meuthen in hochstadt on thursday: alliance calls for protest

Afd politician jorg meuthen in hochstadt on thursday: alliance calls for protest

For their local election campaign, the afd local association hochstadt has long ago announced an event on the coming thursday, 12.March, announced in the fortuna kulturfabrik. Guest speaker: afd federal chairman jorg meuthen. Christian bebler, who heads the afd list for hochstadt city council, is also to speak alongside him.

Now the alliance aktion courage has announced a counter-demonstration. One becomes for "high city, a peaceful city for inviolable human rights" demonstrate, it says in a press release.

Action courage opposes "a fundamentally undemocratic policy that seeks to blame only foreigners, immigrants or people of other religions, beliefs, sexual orientations or disabilities for all the problems of the day."

The alliance calls on the public to attend the counter-demonstration on thursday, starting at 18.30 o’clock to come to the place behind the culture factory. The aim is to "set an example for tolerance, democracy and human dignity" and invite all citizens to "show the public that the afd will not succeed in dividing our peaceful society."

The alliance has also invited all the candidates for mayor and mayor of hochstadt to speak at the rally.

Organized by SPD and DGB

The demo is organized by andreas hanjes, SPD faction spokesman in hochstadt’s city council and in the district council, and by frank riegler, district chairman of the german trade union federation (DGB). "For us, the afd stands for exclusion, xenophobia and an undemocratic view of humanity", they write.

The afd knows only one topic: migration. But they have "no solution proposals for the really burning issues of our community." Meuthen also accuses aktion courage of a populist fixation on the issue of asylum.

As a member of the european parliament, he "does not make a sensible proposal for a solution to the problems facing our country or our continent."

Aktion courage objects to his appearance in hochstadt: "has he now come to support the afd candidates for the bavarian municipal elections with the banging of ambiguous and cynical slogans??"

Naturgemab sees things quite differently in hochstadt. One wants to work with right-wing extremists, for example with the "flugel" to have nothing to do with thuringian afd politician bjorn hocke, says siegfried ermer, afd district chairman, when asked by the FT. One has "nothing to do with the right-wing extremists". He also distanced himself from the "wing": "as long as I am district chairman, mr. Hocke will not appear here. Otherwise I would have to resign", says ermer. The hocke supporters did not have the majority in the afd, which had shown the re-election of meuthen as federal chairman, who from his point of view represents an antipole to the hocke afd.

Cancellation due to coronavirus?

However, it remains to be seen whether meuthen’s appearance can take place in view of the developments in the coronavirus case. "It is not completely safe", according to ermer. If necessary, information about a cancellation will be provided next week.

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