“A flying horse” with plenty of suspense

The two didn't make the mistake of simply retelling the story, as the film did, but instead crystallized from it only the dramatic conflicts between the two former schoolmates helmut halm and klaus buch, which go to the edge of existential threat.

Like in a test tube

so the title of the play, which is given in a final scene in the novella, can only be interpreted as a metaphor for the escape behavior of the four actors, but the theater was once again able to show what its greatest strength is. Like in a test tube or like voyeurs, the spectators were able to observe these two couples and experience for themselves how much the view of people can change when they are placed in new, unexpected situations and reveal to the public the protective shell they had already set up quite perfectly in the middle of their lives.

Telse hand's stage design, the halms' ikea vacation room in a boarding house, made of sailcloth all around, already points to the high point of the drama, the sail of the two disparate manners, which exposes with unsparing openness what these four people have in their "lifelogs" in the sense of ibsen, young people have to hide. Klaus buch, hyperactive drifter, professional teenage body fetishist and show-off, besieges his former classmate helmut halm, a saturated, resigned, somewhat tired director of studies, book man and marriage bored man, after he accidentally discovers him on the beach promenade. Although the play initially appears to be a teasingly erotic exchange of partners, the language of the two equally dissimilar women reveals the mutual misconceptions and the depths of their relationship.

Cast and director

Kai uwe holsten was able to perform in the troupe of the theater kontraste in the "winterhuder fahrhaus" in hamburg, he cast the roles conclusively and ensured with a precise direction of the characters that they always remained in motion. Frank stieren showed the desperate efforts of this midlife-crisis-ridden man fleeing from his own failure with a constantly reddened head and never neglected physical tension. Sonja stein as helene seems to give him what he wants at the beginning with suspicious calm, almost passivity, to break out of the fitness loop.

Anne schieber played the crisis situation of sabine halm very conclusively, very accurately and convincingly, from her enthusiasm for the beaming husband klaus to her shuddering fears for her missing husband. Ole schlosshauer played helmut halm with absolute cruelty towards his communication seekers. In the end, everyone has to go on living, which shows that the classical dramas made it easier for their personnel than a play like this, whose closeness to life showed once again that theater is not a museum, but is capable of showing today's life under the magnifying glass with raw immediacy.

Plenty of applause

The audience at the theaterring appreciated that the hamburgers proved this in a gripping evening of theater and brought the actors back on stage again and again with rapturous applause.

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