90-Percent demand in it

90-percent demand in it

A distinguished guest visited the city hall. The reason: the rehabilitation of the historic building. The parliamentary secretary of state of the federal ministry of the interior, for construction and home affairs, marco wanderwitz, came to the jurassic town for this purpose.

As with many other projects, the city’s dire financial situation was a common thread running through the participants’ presentations.

Because of the hole in the city’s finances, a city council renovation, although urgently needed, had to be postponed again and again, said 2. Mayor hans schott.

Marco wanderwitz declared that the urban development movement in germany was a success story. Especially in the east and the larger cities a lot has been achieved. Now the focus will be on small and less financially strong cities and communities. For this purpose, there is the guiding program "social city". The town hall of weismain would be a suitable object. The chances of the city will be discussed by a jury of experts.

District local historian gunter dippold addressed the fact that the weismain town hall is a european house. The andechs-meranians were a european family and the members of the family mortitz neydecker were even active in the roman curia. And even when it went to klosterlangheim in 1651, abbot mauritius knauer was there, an administrator who had also found his place in the history of europe. Until today, the magnificent house has been used intensively and he can only urgently recommend its renovation.

Marion resch-heckel, head of construction planning at the government of upper franconia, promised to support the current push with vigor. Katrin gentner from the bavarian state office for the preservation of historical monuments drew attention to the project’s potential 90 percent high. From a professional point of view, however, only a general renovation makes sense. .

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