800 Fools were on the loose in adelsdorf

800 fools were on the loose in adelsdorf

To the 20. For the first time, the SC adelsdorf had invited all the big and small fools to the children’s carnival in the aischgrundhalle, and witches, frogs, princesses, bees, magicians and many more made a pilgrimage there on sunday afternoon. The children’s carnival is already so well received that there was already a traffic jam at admission. About 800 visitors flocked incessantly.

The preparation team with claudia ruppert, nanni hoppner, heike kowohl, katrin sander and erika kramer had pulled out all the stops and put together a colorful program. The "nimble little bees, the kids from the children’s gymnastics, the unicycle group "groove&" move" and the dance school "center stage were guests and whirled around in front of or on the stage.

As a big surprise the unicycle group had rehearsed a disney-medley together with all groups. Many attractions like glitter tattoos, a parcours, polonaise, games, spab and dance, a ratsel with a chance to win and attractive prizes, handicraft spab and a photo box awaited the foolish visitors. A rough drawing competition with prizes for the ten best pictures, which will then be exhibited in the town hall, and a candy bar with cocktails for children rounded off the afternoon.

All the groups received a big, well-deserved applause. Candy rockets whizzed down from the stage and in between the kids moved enthusiastically to the music or romped exuberantly through the hall. It was a crazy afternoon, which ended much too fast for all of us.

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