Dear Diary

Obscene Ideas

January 1, 2020
Today is New Year’s Day, and Mistress is having a party to celebrate the occasion. Yes, we partied last night, but Mistress loves to have a good time.
Mistress had a task for me this morning. We had some shopping to do to prepare for tonight, and these were her instructions:
“Baby girl, we have a few things to do today. I have a special accessory for you to wear while we’re out.”
I wondered what it could be. A new pair of vibrating panties? A pair of her dirty ones? When she left the room to allow me time to prepare, I opened the brown package. A hot pink butt plug sat in the silver lining, and I gasped. A bottle of lube sat next to the box, and my body hummed with excitement and fear. We were going out in public, and no one would be able to see my ass or what was inside of it, but I would feel it. Every step I took, every turn or bump the car made, when I sat down. With my heart thumping in my chest, I lubed up my pretty hole, and inserted the toy. As I dressed myself, I felt the weight of it, and I attempted to remain calm. I could do this for her!
She was ready, so with as much courage as I could muster, I pushed my shoulders back, held my head high, and walked out to meet Mistress. I wore a long-sleeved yellow V-neck shirt, red sweat pants, and my Timberland boots. Mistress stood by the door, waiting for me.
“Ready to go, sub?”
“Yes, Mistress.”
The ride to Walmart was boring and quiet, and sitting with a plug in my ass felt strange. I inhaled sharply when the plug moved inside of me, and became more nervous as we approached the store.
“You doing okay, baby girl?” Mistress asked as she swung her arm around my shoulders.
“Yeah,” I answered, my voice shaking.
We stepped inside of Walmart, and my heart began to race. The plug in my ass became heavier, or maybe, it was just me overreacting. I could feel people’s eyes on us as we held hands, the prejudice evident in their stares. I kept my head held high though as we shopped for food and alcoholic beverages, knowing that if I lowered it, Mistress would give me a lecture and a cold caning for “not facing everything head on.”
At the counter, the pretty cashier smiled at me, and I smiled back. Could she tell that Mistress was cupping the back of my neck where my collar fit just right? Could she tell that I was a bit clumsy and shaky because I had a toy shoved up my ass? Either way, the items were paid for, and we were back in the crisp January breeze
“Were you thinking of that woman? Did you think she could see how much of a dirty slut you are?” Mistress teased as I shakily climbed into the car. I could feel the plug, and my panties were starting to grow wet with my arousal.
“Yes, Mistress. I wondered if she could see you holding me by my collar.” I admitted, my face flushed.
We drove for a while, my mind elsewhere. As a reward for handling the shopping trip so well, Mistress allowed me to listen to my favorite pop station. Music made me feel relaxed and calm, and it was working…until we hit a bump. I gasped, and I heard Mistress’s sadistic laugh. She threw her head back so that I could see that she was having fun with making me squirm and moan.
“You wish I was fucking your tight little pussy with that red dildo you like so much? Oh no! You want the turquoise strap-on up your ass, is that it?”
“Fuck, Mistress! Stop!” I groaned, squeezing my legs together. An ache was starting to form between them. I did want all of those things!
“How about my tongue licking your pussy clean, my lips sucking hard on your clit? Or my feet being the one to cause you to combust?” Her laugh surrounded me, and I moaned loudly.
I focused on the music, the thumping beats and sweet melodies. I focused on my dream of becoming a singer, creating beautiful songs of love for Mistress. I opened my eyes a few minutes later, and gasped at the big sign: Calibal’s Mall.
“Let’s go, sub.”
The mall was large with many floors and stores. However, we stayed on the main one, perusing Macy’s and Shocker Shoes. While trying on a pair of red high heels, Mistress dropped a box right behind me, and bending over to pick it up, her head pressed into my ass, causing the plug to move inside of me. I inhaled deeply, my pussy clenching. Fuck! Turning around to face her, her eyes met mine, and the familiar spark between us ignited. No time to waste!
“Where is your bathroom, Sir?” Mistress asked the cashier at the counter as she held my hand tightly.
“In the back.” He answered, pointing to the back behind some display cases.
It felt like I was flying as we walked into the bathroom. A public restroom, and we were about to taint it with our dirty deeds. Pushing me into the stall, Mistress closed and locked the door. I had my shoes and pants off before she could blink, and her lips were on mine. I moaned softly into her mouth, and then, her hand was pushing me back against the wall.
“Spread your legs. Don’t make a sound.”
Fuck! I did as I was told, and she wasted no time plunging her fingers deep within me. I was already wet, and she didn’t seem to mind as she rubbed my clit with my juices on her fingers. I wanted to moan, scream, let her hear me, but she had given me an order. My orgasm was building, and I inhaled and exhaled. I didn’t want this to end!
“I know, honey,” she breathed into my ear. “Grab the plug, and move it in and out of that tight dirty hole.”
Her fingers didn’t stop, and I had no choice. I was so close, so I did as instructed. Oh My Gosh! The feeling was exquisite, and as her fingers pumped in and out of me, I did the same with the plug.
“You’re on the edge, aren’t you?” Her smile was everything to me.
“Mistress, may I please cum?” I whispered between gasps. Fuck!
“Yes, baby girl.”
With her fingers pressing into my G-spot, I moved the plug in and out, and I saw stars as I exploded all over her hand. My legs shook, and I slumped against the wall as her fingers continued to fuck me.
“You okay?” She asked as she kissed my lips.
“Mmmhmm.” I mumbled, attempting to stand.
Her arm went around my shoulders, and she pulled me into her embrace. I felt safe and comfortable, and knowing that she had just taken me to new heights with my orgasm thrilled me. She pulled the plug out of my ass, and I winced.
“Did you like that?”
“I did very much, Mistress.”
“Good. Would you do this task again?” She looked into my eyes then.
“Yes, I believe so. Your guidance and love pushes me to be a better sub and to reach new heights, Lady Leona. May I kiss your feet to show my adoration for you?”
“Yes, my beautiful sub.”
I got down on my knees, and licked the tops of Mistress’s boots. Kissing up and down each foot, I felt her hand caressing the back of my neck where my collar clasped.
“Time to go, baby girl.”
I completed the task, and Mistress was happy. While Mistress is napping, I need to get things set up for tonight, so I better be going. I can’t wait to sit at Mistress’s feet at dinner, proving to her friends that I’m an obedient sub.

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