Obscene Ideas

The bottle of the lube was on the nightstand. I knew what that meant for tonight. I had felt it when I went to retrieve my cup of water that he had left for me. Daddy was planning on using my body for his pleasure, and honestly, I was ecstatic. It’d been weeks since I last had an orgasm, but it was my own fault.
The rule was that after work, I was to come straight home. On this particular day however, I’d had a long day at work, and I just wanted to unwind with a few friends at Tommy’s, the hottest bar in Berkeley, California. I texted Daddy, telling him I’d be home soon. I must have underestimated the power of time, because when I checked my phone as I was stumbling into my friend, Jimmy’s, car, it was 7:00 p.m. I didn’t even bother texting again, because when I arrived home, I knew I would feel the wrath of Daddy. What could I say? I was a twenty-four-year-old who worked with the blind in a school setting, and I also worked for a private company, teaching underpriveliged teens Braille. I knew that Daddy could relax me with his loving embrace and a good paddling, but I just wanted to get out for a while. Since we were both blind, I couldn’t even sneak past him, because he heard the door open, even though I tried to quiet the squeaky hinges. His booming voice told me that I was in deep shit, and that’s how I ended up with a cold caning that night, and left to sleep alone on the couch with a stern order from Daddy.
“Don’t touch yourself until I give you permission. It could be a week, two, maybe even a month. Regardless, your orgasms belong to me, and you won’t cum until I say so!”

It had been torture, not being able to touch myself, while showering, while dressing myself, even while I was alone. There were times I grew hard, and there was that familiar ache, my balls tightening, my heart racing. However, there was nothing that I could do, Daddy was in control, and waking up this morning to find the bottle of lube excited me to no end. Would he make me wait a few more days? Would he fuck me tonight? Would he use a condom or fuck me raw? I squeezed my legs together, feeling my dick start to harden. Fuck! The familiar ding of my cellphone sounded, and I reached for it. VoiceOver announced Daddy’s name, and I smiled as his text was read aloud.
Daddy: I’ll be home in ten minutes. I want you ready and waiting for me. Have that ass prepped too.
I was too happy to oblige. I missed his terms of endearment and his kisses when we talked or texted, but I knew that it was all because I had broken our rule. I rose from the bed, and grabbing the lube from the nightstand, I headed into the bathroom to prepare for Daddy’s arrival.

The front door opened, and I heard his shoes being kicked off. He usually placed his bag on the couch, grabbed a beer, and sat on the couch to watch TV while I sat at his feet. All of that happened, but I wasn’t with him now. The volume of the comedy show was raised, and I heard his booming laugh. He wasn’t planning on moving from that couch anytime soon! My knees begged me to give them some relief from the hardwood floor that I was kneeling on, but I had to please Daddy. So, I waited. I wanted to think of all the ways he would punish or pleasure me, but I didn’t. Instead, I counted down from one-hundred, hoping he would walk in our bedroom at any moment.
The crushing of the can startled me, and I realized then that I had been slouching with my arms on my knees. I repositioned myself, and pushed my shoulders back as I heard his feet approaching the entrance. I closed my eyes, using my other senses to feel Daddy somewhere, anywhere. I could smell his cologne, so earthy, his body wash, so manly. Then, I felt him near me, the heat radiating from his body, his scent becoming more prominent. My Daddy! Pain seared the skin of my right shoulder as I felt his teeth, and I groaned loudly.
“Nathan, good to see you’ve followed directions for once,” he growled into my ear. “Stand and face me now.”
I complied immediately, and gasped when his hand grabbed my limp dick. Oh God! It was short-lived. His hands traveled up to my stomach, over my nipples, over my arms, and they stopped on my neck.
“Lean your head back, cock sucker.”
I did as I was told, his commanding tone causing my heart to beat faster. What was he going to do? His palm rested on my throat, and I froze. Pressing down lightly, I felt my heart lurch in my chest, and then, it became harder to breathe. I opened my eyes then as his hand pressed into my throat, and his other came down hard on my left cheek. I gasped as he let go of my neck, and another slap echoed around our bedroom.
“Why did you disobey me, boy?” His voice was harsh as he asked me, and I inhaled to calm myself.
“I just wanted..some..time, Daddy,” I stammered. “I just wanted to drink with my friends. I’m sorry for disobeying you, Daddy.”
“Sure you are, you dirty cock sucker! You want me to forgive you so that you can taste my creamy load, right? Or, do you want me to fill your tight little hole with my white cream? Which is it, slut?”
“Neither, Daddy,” I whined. “I’m genuinely sorry.”
“Lying will get you nowhere, fucker! Now, which is it?” He yelled.
“Both, Daddy.” Tears fell from my eyes, realizing the extent of my disobedience. He was pissed at me!
“Since you are a disobedient little cunt, I’m going to treat you as such. Bend over the bed now!”
With my heart hammering in my chest, I obeyed. Silence was all I could hear, had he left the room? What was he planning to do to me? I breathed in, and I could still smell him. Then, my front was pushed further into the bed by his rough hands.
“Count with me, fucker!” He growled, and I bit my bottom lip.
“Yes, Daddy.”
Without warning, the strikes landed on my ass and the backs of my thighs. I counted each one, the pain burning like a raging fire. I deserved it, I had fucked up. He was right, and I was wrong. I continued counting, attempting to control my tears. You are brave, you can do this! However, I didn’t feel brave at all. The pain was becoming unbearable, and as snot ran down my lips, I counted thirty. I just knew I would cave and use my safe word. I didn’t want to, I wanted to please Daddy. He was very skilled with canes, and it was a regular implement when it came to punishments. Cold caning was his favorite way to discipline me. The instrument of torture whooshed through the air, and I screamed. Fifty!
“Red! Daddy, I’m sorry. Fuck!”
The cane fell to the floor, and I collapsed into the pillows. Ow! My fucking ass! I had fucked up, I deserved this! Tears spilled onto the sheets as I bawled, feeling nothing but pain.
“Get up and stop acting like a fucking baby! You want this dick, don’t you?”
“Yes, Daddy.” I answered as I sniffled.
Breathing in and out to calm myself, I kneeled, my limbs and knees protesting. Everything hurt like hell, but for Daddy, I would do anything. I felt his wet fingers slide into my pre-lubed hole, and I gasped. He moved them in and out of me, my dick growing harder by the second. Then, I felt the familiar pressure, and I moaned.
“That asshole needs a nice fucking, and I’m going to pound you until you beg me to cum.”
In one swift motion, he was inside of my tight hole, fucking me hard. I moaned and screamed, my hard dick aching for release. I wanted his hands on it, stroking, squeezing, rubbing. His fingernails dug into my skin, pain and pleasure washing over me. Over and over, he hit spots within me that made me cry out, and I knew that he hadn’t let go of his anger over my disobedience. We were both releasing feelings, emotions, and pent-up energy, and in this moment as semen filled me, I vowed to do better in our dynamic. His hands caressed and massaged my sore ass, and I sighed in relief.
“Thank you, Daddy. I promise that I will follow directions and obey the rules.”
“Good, baby boy. Now, turn over so I can give you the release you’ve been craving for three weeks.”

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